Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wouldn't It Be Easier To Ask Who WON'T Leave Barcelona?

Here's a Goal.com piece on what Barca's summer is likely to look like in terms of player movement. I have to say that none of it is unreasonable or based on fanciful "sources". Those certainly or almost certainly leaving include: Ronaldinho (probably to Milan), Deco (probably to England), Henry (likewise), Zambrotta (back to Italy), Thuram (France or retirement), Sylvinho, Ezquerro, and Edmilson (who the hell cares). In addition, a number of players are likely to have reduced roles or might be politely nudged to the bench or might ask to leave because a lack of opportunities, including Victor Valdes (who cost them three points on the weekend with his idiocy), Carlos Puyol (getting up there), Marquez (prone to mistakes and injuries), Oleguer (a stand up guy and team man, but doesn't get to play), Gudjohnsen (likewise), and dos Santos (big talent, big mouth, small brain).

Oh, well. It was a good run while it lasted with this crew. There's always next year.

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zeyd said...

Don't think Deco will or should go to England. He's too slow and too much of a diver to survive there. He should go to Italy or back to Portugal.

I'm so happy that Ronaldinho will be going to Italy and Roman won't do something stupid like dish out half of his summer $$$ on him. Now we can focus on signing Alves and finding a replacement for the drog.

And hey man, I told you about my reservations regarding valdes. There's just something innately comedic and clumsy about him. So, to quote Nelson from the simpsons, ''Ha Ha""

You guys desperately need some tightening up in central defense. That, along with a keeper, a central midfielder, and a winger should be your main targets for the summer. I'd imagine at least 4-5 new players will be coming in. I would think the scouts will be watching the proceedings in switzerland and austria very closely this summer.