Thursday, May 15, 2008

An Amit Varma-Style Open Letter

Dear Chelski,

Please back the fuck up.




zeyd said...

Hey man , you can't blame us for trying! And correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it the Barca managements decision to sell him or not? Say if he's offered a 100 mill or something ridiculous like that and Barca agree to sell, can Lionel veto that decision? Whose decision is it?

shariq said...

Messi's not leaving. If he doesn't want to go, he won't go. Also don't forget the best thing about having a club owned by the fans (as opposed to a corrupt russian billionaire), is that the chairman would be burnt at the stake if he sold messi.

I know I'd have to make an exception to my normal opposition to mob violence, but in this case it would be more than worth it.

zeyd said...

@ Shariq

So the club is owned by fans but the chairman makes the final decision? Your advocation of mob violence aside, who makes the decision: the player, the fans, or the chairman?

shariq said...

The Chairman/President is elected every year by the 100,000+ fans. That's why you often see prospective Barca chairmen promising to buy such and such star player if they become elected.

Technically, a Barca chairman could agree to sell Messi. However no transfer goes through unless the player agrees personal terms. Secondly once the fans got wind of what was happening I'm guesing they would file an immediate vote of no confidence in the chair and some other dude would step up promising to keep messi.

Ahsan said...

Yeah, obviously the decision to sell or buy players rests in the hands of management (Sporting Director as much as Chairman, in consultation with the manager). I mean, I'm hard pressed to conceive of a set of circumstances where Barca would want to sell Messi AND he wouldn't want to leave - thus the question of veto doesn't really arise. In any event, this is a moot point; everyone here knows he's not going anywhere.

By the way, Zeyd, 100 million? Really? I mean I know he's brilliant and all, but is he worth NINE figures?

zeyd said...

Thanks for the clarification guys.

Ahsan, he's worth whatever that crazy Roman is willing to sacrifice.