Monday, May 05, 2008

Breaking News: Baitullah Mehsud Is An Agent Of The West

How else are we supposed to interpret this letter in today's Dawn?
PAKISTANI Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsood claims to be fighting a war for the enforcement of Islamic laws and also against the western forces who invaded Afghanistan after 9/11. One needs to find out the real motives behind these claims by scrutinising his targets.

How can we enforce shariah by openly flouting the very tenets of a religion that stands for peace, preaches politeness and forbids the use of any kind of force in the matter of faith? Faith is a matter of heart and mind: it is not to be forced down the throat of anyone.

The destruction of fake CDs suits the purpose of mostly foreign western companies whose businesses are being badly affected by the widespread presence of illegally manufactured CDs in the local market.

The abduction and killing of Chinese citizens hurts our relations with our most trusted friend in the world, China, which is building mega projects for us. Is it not difficult to ascertain whose targets these ‘Islamic fighters’ are achieving?

Also the adverse law and order situation created by their actions is hurting the economic well-being of the people of Pakistan, which can only be the aim of our enemies.

Targeting the armed forces of Pakistan and its installations can only serve the purpose of powers that wish to destabilise the only Muslim country with nuclear power so that they can pounce upon our nuclear assets by declaring us ‘unsafe’.

The undeniable proof of foreign meddling in the domestic affairs of our country tells a lot about whose interest are being served by these senseless killings of innocent people and members of our armed forces through suicide bombers.

A weak Pakistan is a passport for the foreign troops staying indefinitely in this region. So whose purpose are these so-called champions of freedom, Islam and Muslims of the region serving? Certainly not of the peace and progress of Muslims but of those who are the enemies of Islam and are unable to tolerate a nuclear Muslim state in the world.


Thanks, Zaheera!


Asad said...

zaheera has clearly uncovered the truth i've known all along. what's more is that all of this western hate-mongering is engineered by JFK and Tupac who plan everything from their secret bunkers in Area 51 while Marilyn Monroe looks on. she's older, yes, but still damn fine for her age.

Anonymous said...

Haha, yes....Mehsud is waging a jihad against DVD piracy. He's an agent of Paramount, Warner Brothers, and Disney.

Mehusud = Mickey Mouse's beocchh

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't put it past Disney.