Thursday, May 22, 2008

Burnt Alive In Karachi By 'THEM'

In the last week 2 separate cases of extreme ‘vigilante justice’ have occurred in Karachi . Robbers / looters were chased down by citizens and then set on fire. The events occurred in broad daylight and in relatively busy areas of the town. (News reports here and here - courtesy Dawn)

It was heartening to see the Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah stepping up to the plate and offering us some real insight. This is what he had to say (loosely translated from a TV interview)

T.V. Anchor: Does the police know who burnt the robbers?

C.M.: This was a deliberate attempt to undermine the government. I spoke to the victim of the robbery who told me that the area people chased the crooks and caught them, after which they were heading to the police station to hand over custody to the police. But then suddenly two or three youths on motorcycles came out of nowhere and doused petrol on the ‘apprehended’ robbers and set them alight.

Exactly the same thing had happened in the second incident. The local people apprehended the robbers but then 2 or 3 youths on motorcycles, carrying petrol, came out of nowhere and burnt them alive.

T.V. Anchor (With a Straight Face): Were the youths trailing the criminals? Did they know about the robbery from before hand?

C.M.: We are waiting for the Police to complete their investigation.


Thank God for that. I feel much better now that I know it was 'them' (I bet R.A.W. agents). And there I was thinking that the people of this country had become so jaded and unremorseful that they could crowd around and burn people alive. The C.M. has reassured me that there is nothing to be alarmed about, there's no need for Pakistanis to reflect upon these events and accept that we are heading towards savagery and there's no need for the our leaders to ask some hard questions and offer us some real solutions.


Anonymous said...

Honestly.. these people can't be deluded enough to believe that anyone actually believes the crap they spout.. the only other explanation is that they are so shameless that they just don't care

robina said...

hi its true as you said that we are heading towards savagery but let me ask do we have any other choice. Yesterday one of my friend's purse got snatched at Islamabad and when i talked to her she said "i also feel like burning those culprits if i find them and police officials too who were not ready to file the FIR" this is an eye opener for all of us that we have to take care of ourselves as govt has miserably failed to do so.

Anonymous said...

These are clear symptoms of cowardliness among the citizens. I believe that all were involved. They can catch three armed robbers but can't stop 2 or 3 unarmed persons. They don't have guts to fight the real problem. Its something similar to the situation of a poor man beating his wife after coming home to get rid of his frustration caused by less pay, harsh behavior of superiors etc. What happens to these people when the police refuses to write the FIR?

Zeeshan said...

i think the CM needs to visit youtube the whole incident is uploaded atleast thrice