Thursday, May 15, 2008

College Makes Republicans Dumber

How else to explain this?
Among college-educated poll respondents, 19 percent of Republicans believe that human activities are causing global warming, compared to 75 percent of Democrats. But take that college education away and Republican believers rise to 31 percent while Democrats drop to 52 percent.

Actually, one possible explanation could be that college is an intensely political experience for Republicans more so that Democrats, and that their attitudes toward all things "liberal" or "progressive" hardens over that time. Of course, such a hypothesis presupposes that Republicans don't actually learn facts when sitting in class, which is not too heroic an assumption from my experience.


Jon said...

Another possible explanation is that Democrats tend to major in "liberal" or "progressive" areas with less of a focus on hard science and thus are more likely to jump on political bandwagons without caring about the underlying scientific issues.

In any case, when you assume that one side is simply dumber than the other then it's easy to make mistakes in your reasoning.

Ahsan said...

Hahaha yes, because the one thing I think when I think "Republicans" is "hard science". The same party whose representatives deny evolution, think "intelligent design" is a scientific theory, and denied the existence, let alone the causes, of global warming until very recently.

Jon said...

And Democrats believe modern science is a construct of the patriarchy that subjugates women and must be destroyed.

Honestly, I don't see how you can disagree that the best answer right now is "Not enough information" rather than "Yes for sure!".

It's too bad that Democrats are fixated on treating global warming like a religion because there are plenty of good reasons to take action to help the environment that don't require this level of mindless faith.