Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hamid "fuck face" Gul Threatens To Lead A Coup

The leaders of the Ex-Servicemen Society of Pakistan held a press conference a couple of hours ago wherein they voiced out their opposition to Musharraf’s continuing rule. The conference was chaired by General Durrani (Retd) a former head of the ISI and he lambasted Mushrraf for his disastrous dictatorial rule. The Ex-Servicemen wanted an overhaul of the constitution so that real power would rest with the civilian leadership. The proposed measures included: a restructuring of the command and control structure of the armed forces and place the army chief directly under the control of the civilian leader; the abolition of 58(2)(b) – the rule that allows a President to throw out the government; the formation of an independent Election Commission; and the strengthening of the Judiciary. Gen. Durrani asked for the accountability of the former government, in particular he asked for the investigation of the former P.M. Shaukat Aziz. He finally asked the President to leave Army House at once as the army should only be occupied by the serving army chief. (President Musharraf is expected to move into the President’s House after 2 months as the residence is still being made secure – GEO.)

The microphone then passed on to General Hamid Gul (Retd.), himself a former head of the ISI, and seated on the platform with other retired generals. Mr. Gul reiterated the aforementioned points – i.e. freedom, democracy, the American way, etc., etc. But he didn’t stop there. Gen. Gul demanded the trial of President Musharraf, following his impeachment by Parliament. He stated that this was the first time in history that army personnel had demanded the trial of a former Army Chief, but then so egregious were the misdemeanors of President Mushrraf that they had no choice. As a parting shot Gen. Gul stated that “this is only a warning shot, if Mushrraf kicked out the civilian government he would see the true force of the Ex-Servicemen – a society with 2.5 million soldiers as its members and a force to be reckoned with.”

First of all Hamid Gul is a cunt. Secondly it’s a fucking joke to hear demands for democracy and independent judiciary from a group of men who have done more harm to the civilian infrastructure of this country than any one else. Lastly, the thought of Hamid Gul, creator of the Taliban, overthrowing Musharraf and taking over the country scares the life out of me.


M. said...

Where did Hamid Gul imply his desire to take over the country?

Ahsan said...

Yes, AKS, please explain this one to us. Or is this another one of your posts where the words you use to describe reality actually have no relationship with it?

AKS said...

I may have embellished a tad bit. Ok so he didn't say he was taking over the government, but he did warn the President that if he took any drastic steps the ex-soldiers would throw him out.

He stated that:

'If Musharraf tried to exercise article 58(2)(b), the ex-servicemen would not sit silent and Musharraf should be ready to feel our full force, which is 2.5 million soldiers strong.'

A few days earlier an ex-General (maybe Gul, I can't recall) was quoted as saying that they would forcibly evict him from the Army House if he didn't leave.

(Today they only demanded that he leave as early as possible.)

As far as I'm aware, up till now this story has only been picked by this site:

And they've toned down the statement to "if president Musharraf did not repeal 58-2-b then severe reaction would come," and wrongly attributed it to Gen. Durrani.