Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How Very Magnanimous Of Them

I love this headline in Dawn:
Taliban allow girls to attend schools
Thanks, Taliban! We should note, however, that their generosity has limits:
Leader of the 10-member jirga Abdul Manan Kodakhel said that the Taliban had agreed to allow girls’ schools provided their teachers wore the veil.

Former MNA Maulana Abdul Malik who negotiated for the Taliban also agreed to provide protection to government employees in the area and said they could do their job without any fear.

The Taliban, however, announced that non-governmental organisations (NGOs) would not be allowed to resume work in the area and accused them of ‘spreading obscenity’ which could not be tolerated.
Good times.

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AKS said...

This is wonderful news. Made even more wonderful by the kidnapping of WHO officials monitoring Polio in Mohammand Agency and the kidnapping of the former head of the NWFP Aids Control Programme in Bannu.