Sunday, May 25, 2008

I Hate Socrates

I've really come to hate Socrates. No, not the Greek philosopher who wrote everything in really difficult English, but this Socrates.

Prior to stumbling on his profile all I knew about him was that he was a great Brazilian footballer who played in the 80’s, had crazy hair, and is a key member of my awesome Classic Brazil team on Pro Evolution Soccer. His being a great footballer was enough to cause me some distress (I’m a jealous, jealous man). But it turns out, there’s more to him, plenty more; so much more in fact that he’s become the bane of my existence.

First of all he’s called Socrates, which is undeniably a cool name if you can pull it off, and boy did he pull it off. He captained Brazil in two World Cups and, while he may not have won a World Cup, he is still considered to be one of the greatest footballers of all time. (Moreover, his family did not have to wait too long to taste World Cup success. Socrates’s younger brother Rai was part of the World Cup winning team of 1994.) Here's a clip of Socrates in action:

Playing professional football would be enough for some people, but not Socrates. In the middle of his football career, he managed to attend Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto at the University of Sau Paulo, one of the best medical schools in Brazil, and became a certified Doctor. This is truly an exceptional achievement, but Socrates still wanted more. So, he went and became a vocal opponent of the military junta that ruled Brazil at the time. He co-founded the Corinthians Democracy Movement, while playing for Corinthians, and most famously during one game led the team onto a football pitch in a kit with “Democracia” emblazoned on it. One would think that after retiring from football, Socrates would just chill out and maybe take part in some dumb reality show like other footballers. Guess what he did? He obtained a Doctorate in Philosophy!

So, to sum it up Dr. Dr. Socrates M.D. PhD is a Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Philosophy, considered to be one the greatest footballers ever who captained Brazil to two World Cups and stood up to a despotic military regime.

To be honest I don't really I hate him. I bet my danda is bigger than his!

P.S. Apparently Qaddafi proposed that Socrates run for President of Brazil, which Socrates dismissed by saying "I'm Political."

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Andreas, Norway said...

Great post about a great man.

Wish I was born in the '60s to see Socrates play. You just don't see footballers like this anymore. Sad.