Monday, May 05, 2008

I Propose An Addition To The English Language

Intwo. Meaning "into two". As in "the butcher cut the piece of meat intwo pieces". What say you, loyal readers?


Nikhil said...

couldn't you just say, "the butcher cut the piece of meat in two?"

Ahsan said...

Ok. How about "We have to divide this process intwo stages"?

Farooq said...

I'll agree, if we can also modify names along with words.

I propose: "Ahsanwhoisgay".

It would be used in the following manner:

"Today Ahsanwhoisgay tried to imitate Steven Colbert (a-la "truthiness") by trying to enter a new word into the English language".

Dont you see the beauty of my word? You can save time by cutting out the need for the commas. Rather than "Ahsan, who is gay, blah blah", we can dispense with the commas altogether with the simple use of "Ahsanwhoisgay blah blah", thereby multiplying our efficiency.

Ahsan said...

You fucktard:

It has nothing to do with Steven Colbert (who I don't even watch) and everything to do with the fact that "into two" is a bit of a mouthful for just three syllables. So is "Farooqcunt" by the way.

nikhil said...

hate to break it to you but colbert was by no means the first one to attempt this. In fact, there's even a word for it: portmanteau

shariq said...

How exactly do you propose to pronounce your word?



Into two is actually pretty efficient although it does remind me of one of my pet questions..

what if stan lee was called stanley lee? was that actually his real name? if so what were his parents thinking. anyway, i digress.

Oh, and i stayed up for the spurs / hornets game and chris paul is just wow.

Ahsan said...


You would pronounce it like "into". As for CP3, he *destroyed* the Spurs. I was lucky enough to watch the 2nd, he was just toying with them. It's SO good to see the Spurs lose, though I'm not counting my chickens just yet.