Friday, May 16, 2008

Links For Friday

Stuff to help you waste time:

Malcolm Gladwell is back after a long hiatus. Here he talks about big ideas, and how contrary to popular opinion, they are a function of the times more than a function of genius per se.

You remember the Iraqi man who stamped on, suffocated, and stabbed his daughter to death for falling in love with a British soldier? Well, he's sorry now. Sorry that he didn't kill her at birth, that is. (Link courtesy Asad)

I don't care if they're giving an iPhone to every incoming freshman - I still would never consider going to Abilene Christian University.

Speaking of higher education, here's a story about a massive drug bust at San Diego State University that "that netted 4 pounds of cocaine, 350 Ecstasy pills, 50 pounds of marijuana, 30 vials of hash oil, $60,000 in cash and two guns, one of them taped to a bed frame." The undercover operation was precipitated by a student dying after mixing cocaine and alcohol. (Link courtesy Sarah)

A video from the archives: Bill O'Reilly flipping out. Good times.

Barack Obama talks to David Brooks about Lebanon.

George W. Bush has lost some of his net worth over his tenure. It's only fair - if everyone else in the world is worse off because of these eight years, he should be too.

If there's a shadier looking man than Salman Taseer, I'd like to meet him. And by that I mean: I really, really, really would not like to meet him.

A cool test - try identifying whether these men are serial killers or computer programmers. I got 1/10. One out of ten. That was worse than my score in the Game Theory final (but not by much). (Link via India Uncut)

An academic conference...on The Sopranos. Featuring, inter alia, "Blabbermouth Cunts: The Sopranos and the Feminist Dilemma", “Whatever happened to stop & smell the roses?: The Sopranos as Anti-Therapeutic Narrative”, “I can’t turn the other cheek on this . . . My father was a Knight of Columbus: Christopher and the Contested Construction of Italian American Identity”, “When it comes to daughters, all bets are off: Meadow Soprano and the Question of Familial Determinism in The Sopranos”, and of course “Creating a Little Dysentery in the Ranks: Epistemology and Class Relations in The Sopranos”. I would be willing to bet my left testicle that every single one of the presenters and panelists at this conference has tenure. These are the epitomes of post-tenure projects. (Link via Andrew Sullivan)



naqiya said...

thanks for the links ahsan. some pretty interesting stuff.

two things: i got an 8/10 on the serial killer/computer programmer thing. apparently i can tell my "slashers from my shashdotters," according to the website. it also means that i kicked your ass. yay for me.

as for the academic conference: media theory is the new big thing in most liberal arts schools i know of, especially mine. and both the professors who teach here and are "experts" on things like buffy fan fiction and alternate reality video games, and learning through youtube (thats the name of a class taught at one of the colleges here) are all not tenured.

also: you look extra hot today

AB said...

May I add this website:

Created by this Modern Artist / Developer that spoke at my company today during a monthly company wide meeting. Very cool stuff.

Ahsan said...

Hahahaha why thank you, Naqiya. How very kind of you.

I have some thoughts on this process of bringing the academe closer to the public, at least in terms of subject matter and research projects. But at this point they are not well formed or coherent thoughts, so I will hold off, and perhaps write a post on another day.

Paul Levinson said...

You would definitely lose that bet :) ... several of the presenters definitely do not yet have tenure...

Ahsan said...

Oh, dear. Are testicles like kidneys? Can you do with just one?

Asad said...

lance armstrong is doing just fine. so was tupac. you know. until someone killed him.

Lance Armstrong said...

my dead testicle >>>> Ahsan's annoyingly verbose style of prose, and his hackneyed sense of humour.