Thursday, May 29, 2008

Links For Wednesday

Stuff to read:

Sharon Stone is apparently good at things other than showing her vagina. She also seems to be an expert at being stupid and insensitive. If you haven't heard, she thinks that China's earthquake - the one that has killed 70,000 people and the one whose aftershocks continue to disrupt and destroy life - was karmic justice. In other news, girls who wear mini-skirts deserve to be raped.

Things Americans believe: one fifth believe the sun revolves around the earth. One third believe Saddam had WMD.

Tucker Carlson - the same dude who got ripped by Jon Stewart so bad that he lost his show on CNN - thinks the intrigue over the Vice Presidential choices of candidates is like sex.

Sad news: one of our favorite blogs, Armed and Stupid, is shutting up shop. Go say your goodbyes.

This is the best story I've ever read on Kobe. It captures his pathological instincts pretty well, I think.

Oral sex: everyone's doing it.

A Moroccan woman spends her time on the internet, urging jihad and preaching hatred of the West. The twist is that she does it from her home in Belgium, where she is a citizen, while collecting government benefits. And they leave her be. Next time I hear some nutjob fucker with a beard talking about Danish cartoons and freedom of speech, I'm going to punch him in the face.

Speaking of which, Baituallah Mehsud talks to the BBC.

It really must be the 90s. If Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari occupying the center-stage is not enough, we're in another controversy over the Kalabagh dam.


Anonymous said...

"Next time I hear some nutjob fucker with a beard "

Tsk Tsk. Such generalizations Ahsan.

Anonymous said...

You are so dumb and brainwashed by Western propaganda Ahsan. Where in that nytimes article is there anything but unproven allegations of being involved with 'Al-Qaeda.' They have quoted just one example of her writing where she is urging women to join the jihad in defending themselves against the injustices of the western countries. Please give me one concrete fact from that article that establishes the context of her calling for jihad. Where in the article does she call for unprovoked attacks? The feeling I got was that she was asking Muslims to defend themselves and retaliate against injustice (Israel?).

This is drum beating and sensationalism at its worst (best?).

"Blah Blah woman was suspected of inciting blah blah to carry out blah blah for Al-Qaeda.

Al-Qaeda is the most dangerous orgainzation in the world. Its operations include .... "

Don't you get it? He is creating all these connections where no concrete ones exist and idiots like you and the rest of the american population will gobble it all up.

Ahsan said...

Ah, well thankfully I have extremely intelligent and not-susceptible-to-Western-propaganda people like yourself to show me the light when I stray. Thanks, anon206! You're the best!

Asfandyar said...

I'm going to start picketing in belated and retrospective protest of our inhumane treatment of Bangladesh before their independence.

I'm hoping the "ooh Israel are so oppressive jews are so bad I have 7As in o/levels but still hate JEWS EVIL JEWS" brigade joins me :(

Anonymous said...

"I'm going to start picketing in belated and retrospective protest of our inhumane treatment of Bangladesh before their independence."

By all means. Injustice should be protested and fought against wherever it is found. Armies have committed the most gross injustices in the name of Islam in the past and that deserves as much condemnation as Israeli persecution of Palestinians or the torture of an innocent journalist by radicals.

But what does having a good o level result have to do with this? Surely you aren't suggesting that intellectual enlightenment is to disregard injustice?

Naqiya said...

i;m going to miss armedandstupid:(

Asfandyar said...

No, that was a subtle quip at the throes of 'intellectuals' who are quick to throw jews and Israelis into the same mix, while being able to separate the ridiculous policies of the US Government under Bush/Republicans and Americans in general.

In other words, most of us tend not to differentiate between Israel or Jews, but we CAN differentiate between the US Govt AND Americans.

Also, I enjoyed the displays of disdain and disgust after Obama's "I would send troops into FATA" comment, while remembering the complete silence that occurred when Ahmedinajad (sic) comes out every week stating how the destruction of zionist Israel (or zionism) is what we all should strive for.

Either my observations are wrong (hardly), or I just tend to associate myself (and read the writings of) with a bunch of nutsacks.

Still, I suppose we need to retaliate against the injustices perpetrated by the Israeli Government (notice my lack of painting all Jews with the same brush, something we always do but get all bothered when the "West" does the same). Because for 60 years we've been trying and trying to have sustainable talks and look for peace right?

Faiza said...

i can't believe armed & stupid is gone. that sucks.

Anonymous said...

I didn't get a chance to leave a tearful message on Armed and Stupid's blog so I'm doing it here. It sucks. Ahsan, can he (she?) guest blog (post?) occasionally on your site?

"Armed and Stupid" blog contributors said...

Thanks for all your support and goodwill.

We're all gay!

Ahsan said...

Farooq, there was only one contributor to Armed and Stupid.

Also, you're a jackass.

Anonymous said...

"1/5 of americans believe the sun revolves around the earth"

not sure we should be pointing to shit like that when most probably 90% or more of our countrymen couldn't even explain what "revolutions" have to do with the earth and sun.....

Ali said...

ahmedinejad's weekly cries are empty threats. at the moment, he can only afford to say these things precisely because the US et al aren't 100% sure on what he has (nuclear weaponry wise), and because he does have one weapon for sure: mad oil. Ain't nobody wiping off israel from any map, and it certainly ain't gonna be ahmedinejad right now (meanwhile, check out the berlin wall in jerusalem). Otherwise, we could get the show over with: US could bomb the shit out of iran anytime, no need for occupation a la iraq, and then threats khatam. Oh, respect for international law? I've just finished my law masters, there is no respect for "international law" when someone powerful wants to get their shit done. One of my professors has just released a book on this called 'Torture Team' - worth checking out, by Philippe Sands.

i am a 'nutjob', i have a beard, and i am one cool ass muhfucker...
also, check out Frantz Fanon's book 'Black Skins, White Masks'.

pakistan (west) did a whole lotta systematic bad and oppressive shit to east pakistan, that's a given, it was doomed from the start. i guess 'we' learned something from british imperialism.

so the moroccan lady is chillin in belgium? golly gee, the ever-so generous of european nations is passing out a few welfare checks to people whose countries have been fucked with a capital FUCK by european colonialism, warfare, intervention, exploitation, racism? The belgian congo comes to mind. Conrad's 'Heart of Darkness'. the TV movie adapted from it, or 'Apocalypse Now' which was based on conrad's belgian congo, with the parable of the US in vietnam.

"so, what did you do today my white friend? steal a land and turn the people christian against their will?" (c) d. chappelle.

"They're violent when their interests are at stake. But all of that violence they display at the international level - when you and I want just a little bit of freedom, we're supposed to be nonviolent. They're violent in Korea, they're violent in Germany, they're violent in the South Pacific, in Cuba, they're violent wherever they go. But when it comes time for you and me to protect ourselves against lynchings, they tell us to be nonviolent." (c) Malcolm X's By Any Means Necessary Speech.

Also, check out the bullshit politically-created sold out organisation 'Quilliam Foundation'. and who are they putting at the forefront to portray their 'new, reformed' vision? former nutjob british muslim freak-extremists. do we really wanna trust those guys to represent islam, as the british government is trying to do? Surely, there was something wrong with them for going down that path in the first place.
"Just because you were an inmate of a mental hospital doesn't make you an expert on clinical psychology."

on a lighter note, hey Faiza! how are exams gwanin???

Ali said...

I am also slightly surprised I didn't see anything on your guys' blog about the Sean Bell shooting - I'm not dictating what you should write about, it's your blog, but it fits with what you guys cover in your US Politics & Society label.
If you guys have written on this, apologies, I overlooked it.

There are many things this incident covers: race relations, police brutality, the legal justice system (in New York City! not Lake Charles, Oklahoma), lack of media coverage (and apathy? why?) responses from black civil rights 'leaders', and lack of response from Obama?!? yay black presidential hopeful.

on a personal, emotive tip, i got very disturbed reading about the incident. yes 'minorities' are gonna be targetted and locked up for way more stuff than, um, whites. but check this: sean bell was 23 years old, he had 2 little kids, and he was engaged. the night he was killed he was coming out of a bachelor party at a strip club with his friends, in a few hours time he was getting married to the mother of his 2 kids. he was shot by plain clothes police officers who thought he and/or his friends had guns, a total of 50 (FIFTY) bullets were sprayed into his car and body. he was standing outside. no weapons found on him or his friends. a year and a half later, all police officers were found not guilty of any criminal charges of murder or manslaughter.

damn..50 shots

1999- Amadou Diallo, similar story, unarmed 23-year old student from Guinea in NY (grew up in different countries too), killed outside his building by a 41-bullet spray by NY police, who also 'thought' he had a weapon.

I wonder what goes on in the mind of a 'disciplined, trained' man in a uniform while riddling unarmed bodies with bullets, and then consciously reloading his gun to continue fire. "To protect and to serve"

'A Tree Never Grown' Mos Def-
"We proceeded on a country road
His mother's eyes withered swoll
Her child was never comin home
Said a prayer for his soul
As the coffin had closed, committed to the earth below
First seed she would sew, would be a tree never grown
Shade that was never known
Who controls the Terrordome, the members heart made of stone
Who love only what the own"