Thursday, May 29, 2008

Only In Pakistan

The News goes over popular cheating methods:
There are various methods of cheating:

l There is the age-old long-sleeve shirt method where sneaky individuals write important information - such as key dates, people or formulae on their arms and then roll their sleeves down. It’s basic and should be picked up by an exam supervisor. But if it is still being used, then it is working more often than not.

l Another trick adopted by cheaters is desk notes. The key data is actually written down on the desk before the exam starts - and is hidden by papers - allowing the miscreant to have a pretty handy edge over more moral students.

l Mobile phones have also become useful tool of trade for the cheaters. Universities do not allow the use of mobiles in the examinations and thus cheating through this mean has been mostly checked.

Don't forget the old "tap once for (a), tap twice for (b) and so on" method for multiple choice exams.

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