Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pakistani Politician Gets His Groove On

Meandering through the world of YouTube I ran into a remarkable clip of the Chairman of the Federal Board of Revenue dancing manically in front of an applauding audience that includes President Musharraf and Former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz. Mrs. Musharraf looks on rather embarrassed. (At the 1:40 mark the singer recognizes that it would be best if this event stays private asks the cameras to be shut - the cameramen do not listen until Mushy joins in at the 3:13 mark, thereafter the cameras turn to the audience.)

Pakistani politicians are not the only politicians fond of getting jiggy with it. Enjoy this clip of Messers Bush, Yeltsin, Albright, et al dancing followed by random political punch-ups. (You have got to see Yeltsin at 1:50.)


Anonymous said...

Hey, I recognize him from Karachi....he's one of those street beggar transvestites. Glad to see he's successful now and has given up the tacky makeup. He's still a slut though.

sarah said...

OMG dude.

Ahsan said...

Albright was all over the place. Yelstin was just drunk...no surprises there.

By the way, Mush looked so unbearably uncomfortable, I think he would have rather had a private candlelit dinner with Iftikhar Chaudhry than been at that function.

Anonymous said...

vut a gandoo yaar

AKS said...

@ Ahsan

Don't blame Musharraf for feeling uncomfortable. On the contrary Shaukat Aziz seems to be right at home and is having a ball.