Thursday, May 01, 2008

Spending Some Time On Craigslist Pakistan (Specifically The Personal Ads)

This is the stuff I do in my study breaks. I really am pathetic. Anyway, here are some highlights:

1. Titled "Anyone nice lady - 31":

just looking to see if you are out there to meet me and spend the rest of life together.

2. Titled "Looking for girlfriend - 30 - (Karachi):
I am 30 years old living at karachi i need girlfriend . any female interested is welcome from karachi or around the world .



By the way, please make sure to check out studmuffin Naeem's pictures in true Georgio Armani poses, which he has very kindly attached to the posting.

3. This dude knows how to sell himself with the title, "US Citizen looking for that special person - 39 - (USA):
Hello Ladies,

I am a US Citizens and I am seeking to start a family and settle down. I am from Pakistan Karachi and looking for any medical student or doctor who would like to come to the US and settle down. I have my own business and I am seeking that special person. If you are not a doctor or medical student, its ok too, like I said I am looking for that special person.

Come to think of it, that's actually pretty sweet and fairly uncreepy compared to some of the others.

4. Probably my favorite right here, titled "Athletic & Sexy Guy Looking for Sexy, Intelligent Female - 27 (pakistan):
I am interested in speaking with a very attractive and intelligent female. Location does not matter. That's what cars and planes are for.

Currently I am located in South Beach, Miami. I have a nice place on the ocean and own a Real Estate company. Also, I have a small internet marketing company. I am very athletic, with a "six pack", and played football for the University of Michigan.

If you are seeking a unique sort of life and love good conversation, send me an email. Please include photos with your response so I can put a face with your name.

Just to show I'm gender neutral, I'm including some women-seeking-men postings as well.

5. Here's a charitable woman. The posting is titled "AMERICAN LADY WILLING TO MARRY - 24 - (USA):


6. This one gets a lot more interesting in the final paragraph. It's titled "Wanting a man for long-term relationship - 49 - (Tennessee):
I want to spend the rest of my life with someone who is from other areas of the world but, can come here on his own recognances. If things work out between us, I will follow him to his permanent domaine. He has to be self-sustaining, reliable, protective, safe, sane, free from all alcohol, drugs and std's. He has to also be mentally mature and has all his priorities in tact.

I am looking for someone within the regions of: Pakistan, India, Morocco, Yemen and Saudi Arabia but, not limited to these. He has to want someone who is willing to live under his traditions, learn his language and be with him unconditionally no matter what life may bring our way.

I am a male to female transsexual but, I have not had the sex change yet. My frontal male parts are still there but, the rest of me looks and feels equal to female just the same. I expect to see at least 1 photo of you, as well as, all your stats before replying. I hope to hear from you.

7. I have absolutely no idea what this ominous posting is doing in the personals section. Anyway, it's titled "Your Enemy, The Religion7":
Your Enemy, The Religions.....................
Religion is the enemy of all existence (nature's God). True to the iniquitous blaspheming nature of evil it's own self; religion is even the enemy to itself.

She's also attached a picture of herself (or someone else?) in a dress which, given the size of her thighs, she really shouldn't be wearing. (Okay, that was a cheap shot. I'm sorry.)

Back to work.


Nikhil said...

someone recently alerted me to "missed connections" on the ny craigslist page...very cool.

while there are definitely your fair share of creepy stalkers, there are also quite a few seemingly shy people who just didn't have the courage to strike up a conversation in person with a total stranger (or to even ask an acquaintance to get a drink, etc.).

it's all quite adorable really.

Ahsan said...

I may be wrong (I don't, as a matter of course, frequent the Craigslist personal ads), but this strikes me as a classic pooling equilibrium problem. What possible costly signals can "sweet" types send that distinguishes them from "creepy" types for the average signal receiver? None that I can think of, though I'm all ears with regard to suggestions.

Mr. M. said...

is it really funny that some people don't have the privilege to fashion themselves into suave, well-adjusted, desirable persons and are trapped in a sexually frustrated existence?

i mean i like your flickr group and you seem like a decent fellow but how do you find this amusing?

yes, they are creepy stalkers. how does anyone judging really know?

Mr. M. said...

is it really funny that some people don't have the privilege to fashion themselves into suave, well-adjusted, desirable persons and are trapped in a sexually frustrated existence?

i mean i like your flickr group and you seem like a decent fellow but how do you find this amusing?

yes, they are creepy stalkers. how does anyone judging really know?

Ahsan said...

Mr. M:

Just a couple of points. First, I don't have a flickr group; I think you have me confused with fellow contributor NB.

Second, you're right, it's not funny when genuinely frustrated people turn to the internet to try to find love. However, it *is* funny (to me anyway) when a person proclaiming to have a six-pack and various companies under his control seeks a woman more than 10,000 miles away. It's also funny (to me anyway) when people advertise their willingness to marry as a vast immigration favor.

But that's just me. No one's saying you have to laugh at the things I laugh at. Free world and all.

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