Saturday, May 31, 2008

Breaking News: 'Thappar' Results in Tragic Fatality

Alternative Headlines:

1. Bus load of Policeman Abandon Doomed Colleague

2. Nawaz Sharif's Mother and Sister Protest Police Brutality with Obese Female Brutality

4. Pakistani Matrix Filmed: Trinity Attacks Agent Smith

5. Study Finds Pakistani Women Fat, Occasionally Violent

6. Policeman Regrets Bedding Twins

Photo: Courtesy Dawn


Ahsan said...

"Copper Gets Smith LBW, Gets High Fives From Wicketkeeper Fatty And First Slip Rolly".

adeel said...

"Police officer drowns in tidal wave of fat after valiantly trying to hold it back!"

naqiya said...


4) was my favorite.

zeyd said...

''Cop handles tires with care.''

NB said...

Dammit. I wish I had thought of that.