Monday, June 09, 2008

As Requested...

As requested by Ghareloo (you know who you are), below are my picks for the top 3 most interesting music videos I've seen in the last 6 months (that is not to say of course that any of them are particularly new). My thanks to Ali B.Cog for introducing the first, and Adeel for the 2nd.

(He is genuinely disabled, they're not just props, and yes, the entire video was shot in one continuous scene)

Queens of the Stone Age
(So gleefully and artfully un-subtle)

(Thankfully Kanye isn't there to ruin this video)


Asad said...

i recommend the 'fluorescent adolescent' video. it's a song by the arctic monkeys.

Ahsan said...

I refuse to believe that dude is disabled.

naqiya said...

@ ahsan:
agreed! anyone who has ever had to use crutches for however short a period can tell you a lot of that stuff is not possible if you cant use your legs. there are lots of very obvious moments when he puts complete pressure on his legs, especially when he is on the longboard.

also, the first 37 seconds are full of cuts! its def not "raw" in the beginning.

having bitched and whined, i do admit that its pretty fucking cool dancing even if he isnt disabled.

the khawri formerly known as ali b.cognac said...

ahsan and naqiya:

the dude in the rjd2 video is an artist called bill shannon.
"Born with a degenerative hip condition, he developed a way to express himself through dance and skateboarding on crutches." (Wikipedia)

"His legs cannot carry his own weight and so he has lived a life on crutches. He has developed a new way of moving through life on his skateboard and the crutches. Though this may look like a recreational hobby or a debilitation, it is simply how Bill maneuvers throughout the day. In time to Rjd2's song "Work It Out" we follow Bill as he makes his way around. At the slow start, Bill is descending the courthouse steps in downtown Brooklyn. It's difficult, but he makes it down and the rest you'll just have to watch to understand. Rjd2 plays several extras which you can try to spot as well."
(Youtube clip info)

and some random:

the khwari b.cognac said...

NBiz i had thought this was the better rjd2 video, music production/sampling wise and video wise: