Monday, June 02, 2008

A Cartoon Bomb in Islamabad

Calling this an an attack on the Danish Embassy is a little misleading. It should be called an 'Attack on Pakistani Civilians Standing Outside the Danish Embassy'. Have a listen to the long list of Pakistanis killed and injured in the blast. Or see the usual macabre photographs of the bomb site here.

Anyways. In the spirit of things here is a cartoon, courtesy Clay Bennett, that illustrates the recent Deobandi fatwa against terrorism as referred to in the video above.


naqiya said...

dude. i think that cartoon is quite funny (nice ass and all too). does that make me one of you? an islam hating heathen?

NB said...

Haha well yes and no.

Firstly the 'nice namazi bum' comment makes you pretty heathen, in and of it self, so yes.

That notwithstanding, the point of the cartoon in this instance (and the reason I liked it) is because it demonstrates how terrorism as a tactic is antithetical to Islam and abhorrent to mainstream Muslims. He who practices it 'has his quibla all wrong' so to speak.

So if you like the cartoon, I suppose that makes you the 'non-heathen' Muslim on the left, with the wary look on his face, rather than the 'heathen' terrorist.

(For clarity, by terrorism i mean the targeted killing of innocents for a political agenda as opposed to conventional armed group v armed group warfare/militancy)

naqiya said...

haha you said notwithstanding! you lawyer, you!

also, my statement was completely rhetorical, but thanks for the detailed response. much appreciated!

Ali said...

came across this article...called 'Why I am not a moderate muslim'

can be tied into that Quilliam Foundation critique piece I sent you, NBiz.