Saturday, June 07, 2008

Who Killed Benazir?

Former chief of army staff and current inhabitant of Bizzaro world, Aslam Beg, explains why Benazir was really assassinated (and presumably who assassinated her).

Mirza Aslam Beg has said slain PPP chairperson Benazir Bhutto was killed because of her anti-American policy.

Addressing the general house meeting of the Lahore Bar Association (LBA), Mr Baig said Ms Bhutto had initially worked out a deal with US administration to return to Pakistan, but after judging the intensity of anti-Musharraf sentiment back home, she could not toe the US line.

Now, Aslam Beg isn’t the first person to suggest that the US had Benazir killed. Others have claimed that the Americans assassinated her to justify the war on terror. But Beg is the first person to declare that the woman who said she would allow the US to carry out limited military operations in the tribal areas and let AQ Khan be questioned by the UN was murdered because she wasn’t sufficiently pro-US. But then this is the guy who wanted Pakistan to militarily aid Saddam Hussein in the first Gulf War and urged support of the Taliban to achieve “strategic depth”, so anything he says should be taken with a slight pinch of salt.


f-machine (I'm back) said...

Bubs.. who do you think killed Benazir? In fact, I'm asking this question of everyone who looks at these comments. The rules are that you have to name one person/party and your reason for suspecting them. and no beating around the bush and being diplomatic..

bubs said...

I think the simplest explanation is the correct one. She was killed by militants/jihadis/terrorists. The reasons:

1) A politician who is opposed to the jihadis will always be a target: see Musharraf, Sherpao

2) The suicide attack on her when she returned to Karachi bore all the hallmarks of a jihadi attack. Since that didn't succeed, it was obvious they would try again and if they were smart (which I believe they are), try a different tack.

Also, on the list of likely suspects for her assassination I would place the US somewhere beloe Keyser Soze

Anonymous said...

zardari... from where he was 5 yrs ago and the power he has now i dont see why a person like zardari would hesitate if got a chance like this.

Oh and everyone knows that UN inquiry into the assassination wont find anything.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was Zardari because I don't think he could have anticipated that it would be this easy for him to sideline senior PPP leaders and gain control of the party.

I don't think it was the Mullahs for two reasons:

a) They never took credit for it. Instead Betullahs spokesman actually denied it. Usually, when these sorts of things happen, the militant groups are eager to take credit for it. How does it make sense to kill someone to make a point (that anyone supporting the west doesn't have a place in Islam) and then not take credit for it. Kind of makes the killing pointless doesn't it.

b) Because the Government tried extremely hard to pin it on them. From the obviously faked taped conversations to the alleged pressuring of the doctors in Rawalpindi to not speak to the media and the confusion surrounding the actual cause of death. There was no need to create confusion about whether the sunroof lever or a bullet killed Benazir.. the fact was that she was attacked and died.. The exact method of death doesn't really identify any one either way..

So I think it was the establishment

Anonymous said...

how did the "establishment" gain from the assasination?

bubs said...

Anon336: Just because Zardari gained from Benazir's murder doesn't mean he did it. If that was the case, 9/11 was carried out by Pakistani journalists.

Anon559: I think you underestimate the intelligence of militants. Having Benazir's assassination blamed on Musharraf suits their aim of establishing an Islamic state in Pakistan. That the government messed everything up so badly (particularly the pointless sunroof lever controversy)would indicate stupidity and a desire to deflect blame rather than actual malice).

Anon346: In Pakistan, establishment has come to mean anyone we don't like. Since Benazir's assassination was evil, obviously evil people would gain. Welcome to the world of Pakistani logic (see also the Zardari killed her theory)

Anonymous said...


Valid point about the intelligence of the militants. However, I still think its real shady how the government tried to misinform after the event. There is no reason to do that if you have nothing to hide.

Anonymous said...

Well the easiest thing to do is to blame the militants/al-qaeda/taliban/jihadis as one doesn’t need to provide many explanations or investigate the incident. That’s what the Pakistani and US govt have been successfully doing for the past couple of years.
Obviously that doesn’t mean that they’re not doing it but it just makes life easier for the government and we’re now just used to accepting this explanation every time.

None of us obviously know who did it but my only point is that if the incident is investigated or if one needs to point fingers you cannot rule out zardari.

Militants/Jihadis are just not targeting ANY politician who is against them. They have been targeting people/institutions directly responsible for the action in their areas. That is why musharraf, shaukat aziz, sherpao, military personnel and government backed tribal leaders are attacked. Benazir was not responsible for anything happening in the Swat or Waziristan region. If anything, she has had one of the most pro Taliban policies in the past. The only things against her were some pro US comments she made in the media.

What is the relation between blaming the assassination on musharraf and creating an Islamic state in Pakistan?

As was stated above, why wouldn't militants take responsibility this time if they always do?

I don’t see governments hand in it as they lost out the most. Musharraf would have a lot better chances of survival if Benazir was still there. As Bubs said government just wanted to deflect blame as they could not come up with anything.

Anonymous said...

Lets look at this matter on the basis of some facts.
-Who gets more benefit by killing her.(USA, Musharraf, Militants or Zardari)
Now its clear that zardari is the one whos life has taken a new turn.
You all might have seen a video of her last address in which a man named Khalid Shehenshah was giving some confusing signals.

Anonymous said...

That man was also sitting in her vehicles back seat and he was the one who asked her to stand and wave hand to people.
He once spoke about that he was asked by zardari on phone to ask her to wave to people.
Now he has been killed by some one. He was the security officer of zardari and had links with underworld. Zardari also killed him to save himself. Now he will be president of Pakistan and no one will ask him. Zardari also killed Murtaza bhutto , he can do anything .