Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Talk Show Host Scorned

After a one-month romance, Talat Hussain comes out all guns blazing against Asif Zardari and the PPP.

For 40 ministerial posts, there are only 15 ministers; all the 45 standing committees of the National Assembly, an important tool of a functioning parliamentary system, are yet to be formed. None of the parliamentary secretaries have been appointed. Policy-making is ad hoc at best, confusing at worst. Every decision has to be routed through the Zardari House, which has become a beehive of job-hunters, punters and court-jesters.

And this titbit may be the perfect summation of Zardari’s character:

The economic advisory committee, which is helping the government form budget proposals, is an odd mix of rich men, young economists and powerful lobbyists. Tragically, while the grimmest challenge that the country is faced with centres around the agriculture sector, the committee does not have a single individual representing Pakistan's troubled green-acres. When a well-wisher, who did not want to be named, pointed this omission out to Zardari, his response was, "I am the agriculturalist, who else do you need."

There is also this lovely anecdote:

This view is reinforced by repeated leaks in the press about meetings between the Chief of Army Staff General Kayani and his former boss, suggesting coordination and a friction-free relationship. The presidential camp has also been active in nurturing this 'all for one' impression. In one dinner meeting, General Musharraf borrowed a cigarette from General Kayani and laughingly said, "I smoke because of him."


Riaz Haq said...

It is interesting that Talat Husain has suddenly realized that there are bigger, more serious, problems faced by Pakistan. Problems others than the restoration of judges. Is this a way of opening a new front in war against Zardari, now that the media have failed in browbeating him on their "favorite" issue?

Anonymous said...

From Dawn today:

After his visit to Turkey, Mr Zardari will leave for Athens (Greece) to deliver a keynote address at the Socialist International Congress on “Resolving Conflicts and Overcome Instability”, starting on July 1.

What a joke, that's like Hitler addressing a conference on Peace and Love