Friday, June 06, 2008

Hey Governor! Leave Your Kids Alone

I realise governors are essentially powerless and without photo-ops they would be sitting idle all day. But that’s no excuse for Punjab Governor Salmaan Tasser putting his family though emotional torture.

Yesterday he forces his daughter to meet a rape victim, albeit one who is now a household name:

He said he wished his daughter also get inspiration from Ms Mai. At his request, Ms Mai put her hand on the head of her daughter.

But that was nothing compared to the visit on May 27. You’d think his daughter doesn’t take too kindly to being used as a political prop.

Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer visited Mayo Hospital on Tuesday to inquire about a seven-year-old girl who survived gang rape allegedly by her maternal uncle and another man on Monday. Governor Taseer’s daughter accompanied him to the hospital… Later, Governor Taseer told reporters that he thought of the girl as his daughter and that was why he had brought his daughter along to inquire about the girl.

I wonder why Taseer’s son wasn’t interested in meeting people who have been raped?


NB said...

Governors are hardly powerless. Ishratul Ebad? Sherpao? They have quite the remit.

Salman Taseer in the Punjab I hardly know anything about so I'll cede ignorance on that. But institutionally I would think that they're the presidents men, the Federal Governments men, and they are powerful indeed.

bubs said...

Constitutionally governors have virtually no say in day-to-day affairs and policy decisions. They can dismiss the provincial assemblies which is, of course, a huge deal but hardly something that occupies them daily. But you are right in saying that governors were very powerful during the Musharraf era. I would expect governors, especially Taseer as a PPP man in a PML-N province, to return to their constitutional role.

Anonymous said...

Why are you going hard on Taseer? He hasn't even done anything yet.

Anonymous said...

love the black suit and (fake) ray bans indoors. nicely done.

somethingrichandstrange said...

man, i know his daughter (the youngest one who tags along with taseer everywhere he goes), and she loves it. taseer boasts privately that he is grooming her to be the pm of pakistan. seeing as she is a complete dumbass (e.g, cites paris hilton as a personal inspiration)all i can say is: may god help us.