Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Humayun Gauhar on Mush

People end to dismiss (with justifiable scepticism) Humayun Gauhar of Blue Chip magazine because he happens to be friendly with Musharraf and ghosted his autography. But no column has better captured the insanity of an entire country expecting Musharraf to resign based solely on a anonymously sourced story carried by a newspaper notorious for the inaccuracy of its political stories.

Some key excerpts from this classic of inspired indignation:
“One could concoct a tale out of anything. Here's one. The president explained to me the other day the sort of generator or UPS I should put in my house. How could a president know such things? Conclusion: he must be thinking of shifting to his private home soon and is therefore studying alternative electric supply options. Scoop!”

“Some of our media have become unique. Times were when they used to exaggerate and embroider. Now they invent - totally. When a news channel phoned to interview me, I said, ‘You people are incredible. First you invent news and then you hold discussions programmes on it. This is a unique new way of news programming. You should get a Press Award for Innovative Journalism.’"


Rabia said...

"Plane Arrives in Chaklala Airport" is destined to be one of the all-time classics of Pakistani journalism.

bubs said...

My personal favourite was the report two days after the original story which essentially said that just because Musharraf hasn't resigned it doesn't mean we were incorrect in saying he would resign within 48 hours.