Friday, June 13, 2008

I Wonder Who These Newspapers Are Supporting

Two headlines from reports on the Long March

Daily Times:

PML-N hijacks lawyers' movement

The News:

PML-N steals the show


AKS said...

hahahah. Classic!

You should also check out the editorial of this week's Friday Times, the gist of which literally is this:

PPP is cool.

Lawyers are idiots and aiding PML(N) assholes which is bad for the country because there is inflation.

bubs said...

Yeah I read that editorial. Someone should explain to Jugnu Mohsin that brevity can do wonders.

Mrs. Najam Mohsin said...

Yea the Daily Times often feigns itself as an academic/scholarly journal. Sometimes I wonder who actually reads the entire editorial. They're grossly obtuse and wordy. I think their editorials are basically chatter between a handful of brown sahibs in Lahore (maybe a few abroad). Sometimes they're spot on. But othertimes I think they're just trying to be a mix of the NYRB, Commentary, the NYT, and Vanity Fair.