Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A New Contributor To Five Rupees

We have some good news. Your team of humble bloggers now has four members. Please join me in welcoming Bubs, who some you may already be familiar with. Bubs will be a full contributor to Five Rupees, and you should start seeing his posts up here pretty soon.


naqiya said...

yay!! bubs i used to read armed and stupid pretty regularly, and was sad to see it shut down. good to have you here!

Anonymous said...

uh bubsy if your employers were able to find that blog of yours and threaten to fire you for it... does it really make sense to be blogging again under the same nickname.. just asking

Desi Italiana said...

Looking forward to more good times.

Can I lodge a complaint, though? The colors of text and linked words, phrases, etc coupled with the blog's color make for some really hard and challenging reading. Sometimes I can't even read with the linked text says.