Friday, June 20, 2008

The Punjab Assembly: Raising Tax Revenue One Boutique at a Time

The Punjab Assembly gets to the important business at hand. It also confirms any stereotype you may have held about Punjabi men:

A PARLIAMENTARIAN on the floor of the house on Thursday suggested the government to impose tax on beauty parlours that are doing roaring business without any taxes...He cited examples saying during the peak wedding season, beauty parlours in posh areas had more than hundred brides’ made up every day, each paying tens of thousands of rupees.

Several members smiled and laughed at the suggestion. Few of them rose to extend their backing to this suggestion. Interestingly, the Deputy Speaker Rana Mashood Ahmad Khan who was chairing the session, also tried to cut a joke by saying that lady members in the house ‘who are used to having heavy make up’ should also make some suggestion on the matter.

This house broke up in laughter on this remark. However, lady MPA Azma Bokhari took strong exception and criticised the male members for always making fun of issues related to women.

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