Friday, June 27, 2008

Qadeer, Unplugged

How can one man say so many stupid things? I guess a few years of being locked up tend to addle the brain. Not that Qadeer Khan was any saner before being placed under house arrest:

President Pervez Musharraf is working on the US agenda of dismembering Pakistan by 2015.

What the US really wants is a bunch of sovereign entities that hate it rather than just the one. So far, through their proxies the Taliban, the Americans have managed to dismember Pakistan by creating shining beacons of freedom in Swat, North and South Waziristan and, pretty soon, Mardan, Peshawar and Naushera.

Bitterly criticising the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), he said it is not an international organisation but belongs to the Americans and Jews

These Zionist-Christians are so diabolical they appointed a Muslim who vehemently opposes war with Iran to head their front group. Perhaps they are trying to lull the Muslims into a true sense of security.

About procurement of conventional weapons by Pakistan despite having nuclear weapons, he said they have no value as compared to the nuclear weapons and are being bought just to receive commissions. In this regard, he referred to the construction of flyovers in Karachi and said that in the areas inhabited by the poor there are big potholes all around. When big projects are executed, he added, these are meant to receive commissions.

Because when we are at war the only weapons we need are nukes. India shells terrorists across the borders: nuke ‘em. Karzai makes a statement we don’t like: incinerate Kabul. I’m guessing Qadeer doesn’t want an army either. Who needs humans to protect the border when we’ve got shiny Ghauri missiles? I guess disbanding the army will save us a few billion dollars a year. Qadeer should get a 10% commission for suggesting the idea in the first place.

He profusely praised Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and said he is a great person. About his oath under the PCO (Provisional Constitutional Order), Dr Khan recalled that some companions of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) were non-believers before embracing Islam but they cannot be remembered as non-believers.

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NB said...

Paradoxical really, how a nuclear friggin scientist can be a complete choot.

f-machine said...

hahahahah that last one is toooo good!! what do u say to that!

bubs said...

NB: Political imbecility seems to be common among scientists and mathematicians, probably because their actual work is so time-intensive they never actually think their political opinions through.