Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Conspiracy Of The Day: Evil Indians, Not Appalling Stupidity, To Blame For Asif's Plight

Alright, so resident dumbass and once-savior-of-Pakistan-cricket Mohammad Asif has at least one defender. You will recall that Asif recently tested positive for a banned substance and claimed ignorance, after recently testing positive for a banned substance and claiming ignorance. Anyway, while the PCB have washed their hands off the matter ("The board will not provide any kind of help to Asif and he will have to fight his case himself"), one comment by "mvent" posted on Kamran Abbasi's blog had the following to say:
One day after PCB decided that it won't allow its players to take part in the next IPL season if it coincides with Australia's rescheduled visit to the country next year, IPL released Asif's positive results. Not to mention that he was previously found guilty in India. And, also at Dubai Airport where 95% of the working staff is Indian!

Is it just coincidence? Every time when issue like this comes, India is involved in it. What if the Indian mixed something in his food there, and he even did not know it?

We have seen the involvement of Indian secret service agents in much complicated cases to damage the cause and respect of Pakistan. It must be the simplest one for them.

It would be better for Pakistani players traveling to India in future, get tested at home first before departure, to compare the results and to make sure that indeed they are dirty or is it someone else?
Actually, the tests were carried out by an independent Swedish organization named IDTM. But I understand now: the IDTM is a mere pawn in the vast Hindu-Jewish-CIA conspiracy to rid us of our nuclear weapons and our new ball bowlers, and I am simply daft for not having seen it earlier.


bubs said...

I guess Asif agrees with that comment. He's already denounced the whole thing as a "conspiracy".

Riaz Haq said...

A lot of people in Pakistan rely on conspiracy theories. So, why not Asif? But I find it incredibly stupid of Asif and the PCB. After the first incident, there should have been appropriate counseling for him and Shoaib Akhtar to stay away from drug dealers and hakeems. Both can be dangerous to a player's physical and financial health. With the kind of money IPL has, they don't need Asif. They can sign up just about anybody in the world.

Ahsan said...


I agree. They let them get away with it the first time, and even coddled him through his entire Dubai episode, sending legal representatives and what not. That Asif thought he was a deity after all this isn't particularly surprising.