Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Links For Wednesday

Stuff to read:

A column in The Independent takes aim at Islamophobic elements Britain generally and at The Sun in particular. (Courtesy Adeel)

This has got to be some sort of hoax, right? Please look at the name of Karachi's police chief as cited in this Associated Press story. (Courtesy Muna)

Ejaz Haider gets all riled up (kind of). As I told the reader who emailed it to me, I can't take him or the rest of the Daily Times seriously, but there is a valid point or two (only just) in the column. (Courtesy Wasay)

You've heard of being addicted to drugs, love, and the internet, but have you ever heard of being addicted to folding clothes, just the way they do it at Gap? (Courtesy the WTB)


Anonymous said...

Yipee! My first courtesy at Five Rupees. Love it. (Muna)

Yaz said...

I have to admit that I am a T-shirt folder 'addict'...

I was clean until I started my first retail job in a high street boutique at 18, where for four weeks my manager took an insane pleasure making fold and pile clothes in a perfect SQUARE shape (not a pyramid one, I was a champion at that!)

It left me scarred... I am not even joking, I wish I was...


Ahsan said...


That's the point of the WSJ piece. It's all these people who used to work in clothing retail stores as summer employees/interns/whatever, and now can't stop, years and years later.