Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Next Time You Have A Stomach Ache, Cut Off Your Penis

A doctor gives a diagnosis I have never heard of:

A young girl became boy after undergoing sex-change surgery at Daska city on Saturday.

Reportedly, Hafsa (16), daughter of Bashir, a farmer of Bambaanwala village, felt severe pain in her belly. She was taken to a private hospital in Daska where Dr Tahir Iqbal Cheema diagnosed that hers was a sex-change case. He conducted a surgery, transforming the gender of the girl who was named Junaid.

Junaid, who has now become the only brother of his seven sisters, told Dawn at the hospital that though he and his family were happy with his transformation to a boy, he would miss his female friends. It was the second sex-change incident at Daska during the last 10 days. Earlier, a Chak Jhumra-based woman, Farzana (23), had become a boy after a similar surgery

Note how she/he can't have any female friends any longer. That's Pakistan for you.


Ahsan said...

I wonder if Junaid (Hafsa) will immediately begin to scratch his balls in public, spit paan in public, and stare unabashedly and intently at anything even remotely attractive with breasts, or if he'll wait a couple of months.

NB said...


oye. Dont hate our freedoms.

Uni said...

Try as you might, you can't help hurling ONE line like "That's Pakistan for you" now can you.

Funny how we see "wrongs" in a society we know so well. Yet we are content to sit there and heap slurs at that society, from so far away.

How productive!

Ahsan said...


How exactly is Pakistani society "far away" from us? I am genuinely curious because I don't really understand your point.


I really can't get over the diagnosis. If Grey's Anatomy wants to attract viewers like me, this is the shit they should be basing the show on.

bubs said...


If by far away you mean Karachi, I plead guilty. Sometimes Karachi does seem like another country. As for the wrongs I see in our society, I don't think religious extremism, which is what I mainly write about, needs sarcastic quotes. It is wrong.