Thursday, July 24, 2008

Photo and Quote of the Day

Photo Credit: Katia Dunn/NPR

This photo accompanies an NPR story about people in Ohio who are not able to buy as much food as they used to. A blessing in disguise, perhaps.

And the quote of the day comes from Barack Obama's speech in Jordan:

it's always a bad practice to say "always" or "never,"


Ahsan said...


To be fair, it's always the poorest (particularly in urban areas) in the U.S. that are the most obese because they tend to eat the cheapest and most easily accessible food, which is invariably the least healthy (fast food, microwave meals etc). I wonder (a) if such conditions exist in other rich countries particularly in Western and Central Europe (i.e. are the poor fatter than the rich), and (b) if not, why not.

Ahsan said...

I might also add that having lived in Ohio for three years, I can bear testament to the fact that such, um, girth is not exactly uncommon. In particular, going to the Wal-Mart near our college was like going to a museum exhibit: I would see things there that I had never seen before and have hardly seen again.

Anonymous said...

... like an obese person exiting his/her car with a large coffee in one hand, cigarette between the fingers, and in the other hand a large bag of McDonald's take out.
some people aren't even trying to be healthy.

ali said...

the image is accurate except for the cigarette usually....the US has done a 'good job' in the anti-smoking campaign ( for its people

go large for 50cents=freedom of choice