Monday, August 18, 2008

Breaking News: Mush, Gone

More later.


Anonymous said...

HA! Come forth the suckers who voted 'Yes' on the Rs. 5 poll. I wisely abstained much like my muhajir brethren.

Ahsan said...


Haha, yes, it does make the poll look a little stupid now, doesn't it? Oh well. The poll goes on until Wednesday, so non-Muhajirs can keep voting, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Pop the champagne cork. It is time to CELEBRATE !!!!!!!!

The evil dictator is gone.

ding dong the wicked old witch is dead !!!!!

Farooq said...

I only have this to say to Zardari and Sharif (which I will repeat after the pointless judiciary issue has been resolved):

Now what?

Anonymous said...

what a performance!! not an eye in the office was dry as we watched our hero lay down his arms with his head held high! Gone may be his title, but never his dignity. Jeay Musharraf!

Death to Zardari!
Death to CJ Ifti!
Death to Nawaz Ganja!
Death to Alcoholics!

Jeay Musharraf!

changinguppakistan said...

For the record, I answered no to the poll, but I was still pretty surprised when I heard the news. Now what happens?

Ahsan said...


This is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. There will be no champagne or anything of the sort. I hope that you respect our traditions and values in the future.


Now the fun *really* begins.


Don't forget "Death to Israel", "Death to Hindus" and "Death to Grey's Anatomy".


See response to Farooq.

Farooq said...

You know, if someone had told me that a precondition for getting rid of Nasim Ashraf would be the resignation of President Musharraf, I would actually be alright with that. (Oh, i guess I should have clarified I'm a supporter of the President for my admission to carry any weight)

Anyway, for the first time in years I actually am VERY grateful to Ashraf. He's provided the only silver lining to a pretty dark day.