Monday, August 11, 2008

I Know I Complained About Bilawal Going To The Olympics, But It Could Be Worse: We Could Have This Fool Representing Us

I mean, really:

Via Matt J. Duffy.

Photo credit: Thomas Coex/AFP/Getty (via Sullivan)

Photo credit: Cameron Spencer/Getty (via Sullivan)


Asad said...

its funny 'cause its true.

changinguppakistan said...

Love the last photo. Classic. The first lady was interviewed on the Today Show this morning and she was asked to comment on one of the beach volleyball photos, and although she was pretty gracious in her response, I have never seen anyone look more mortified. I think she suffers from the "Meg-Peter-Griffin" complex, akin to the "Marge-Homer-Simpson" complex, i.e. - "My husband is a bumbling dumb ass, but I have to grit my teeth and smile for appearance sake."

changinguppakistan said...

Oops, make that the "Lois-Peter-Griffin" complex.