Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Second YouTube Video: A Massive PPP Motorcade In Karachi

Old-time readers may or may not recall my first YouTube video (with a rating of one star), featuring AKS and myself laughing hysterically at a recording of Zahid Fazal taking a great catch at fine leg and then being mobbed by some nutter giving him ZamZam water. Anyway, a couple of days ago I managed to catch this massive throng of motorbikes, buses, trucks and cars with PPPers in and on said modes of transport. Make sure to note the two extremely lame police mobiles at the tail end of the video; in particular, watch out for the pathetic siren right at the end in an attempt to show some (non-existent) authority. The dismissive laugh you hear is, quite naturally, mine.


rooh afza said...

nice voice... you sound interesting... :)

Purely Narcotic said...

That nutter in the previous video is the old man who used to be there at all the Pakistani cricket matches in Sharjah. We'd actually wait to see him on the screen.

Creative pursuits on the web have to be lauded suitably so, like any Flickr user would say, Good Composition-Brilliant Lighting. (I'm not sure if it holds true for videos though.) :)