Monday, August 18, 2008

Passage Of The Day

From Nicholas Schmidle - the best Western reporter in/on Pakistan - in Slate:
On Monday night, I asked Zardari if, when Musharraf paused in the middle of his speech and talked about "standing up to the charge sheet," he thought Musharraf might not step down after all.

"No," he said. "I predicted it yesterday on CNN. They said, 'Where do you see him in one week's time?' I said, 'Playing golf.' "

"In Rawalpindi or in Saudi Arabia?" I asked.

"I didn't specify where."

Anyway, so that's that. I have a longer post on Musharraf in the works and it should hopefully be out in a day or so. For now, just some random thoughts:

1. The speech was very, very good. I stupidly did not see it live, but when catching the replay, I was very impressed.

2. Surely Nawaz Sharif did not fight this long and hard to kick Musharraf out of politics just to see his good buddy Asif Zardari take over?

3. Suddenly the terms "fifty", "eight", "two" and "B" are even more important than they were 15 hours ago.

4. If the PPP-PML(n) government makes it as a coalition to the anniversary of the elections (mid-February), I will be very surprised.

5. I was mentioning this to someone else today, but you know what I want? I want a three hour interview of Musharraf by Talat Hussain. No holds barred, nothing off the table (unlike last time). Talat is an excellent interviewer, and Musharraf always gives it to you straight. It would be awesome. The person whom I presented this request to noted that there will invariably be some sort of media gag as part of the resignation, and we shouldn't expect to hear any interviews for a few weeks or months. Oh well.

See you around, Mush.


AKS said...

I'd love to see the Talat Hussain interview. By the way Musharraf seems to have ruined his vacation - he was speaking to AAJ from a video phone located outside a Western Union in Rome.

One other thing, why the hell are people still voting on our poll? Cheating fuckers!!

Ahsan said...

Many kept voting yes to be funny, I think.