Thursday, August 14, 2008

Quote Of The Day

Sindh Minister for Culture and Tourism Sassi Palejo in the Sindh Assembly yesterday:
It will be Musharraf’s misfortune if he is impeached. It is better if he leaves. He should be tried for treason and face accountability. His human rights violations are worse than Hitler’s.



bubs said...

Hitler killed Jews (if that isn't a myth) and attacked imperial powers. What human rights violations?

Ahsan said...

Bubs, please see Mr. AKS in his office immediately. He has something to tell you about politically insensitive sarcasm on this blog.

Fatima said...

mr.palejo obviously knows nothing about hitler or musharraf. he should stick to what he knows best (we hope)...tourism

Ahsan said...


Sassi Palejo is a woman.