Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin Is Married To Ricky Gervais

Tell me I'm wrong. No, seriously.


Anonymous said...

This is the girl who will run the world when McCain dies from old age ????

Good God, are we in trouble !!

NB said...

HAhahah well spotted.

the.serial.chiller said...

didn't get the joke :S

the.serial.chiller said...

Ok ... now i get it :)
thanks to Google + Wikipedia!

well spotted indeed!

zeyd said...

I love that picture of Ricky. The clenched jaw, relaxed shoulders, mischievous eyes; What.A.Legend.

Tazeen said...

I was thinking of doing a post on that and you beat me to it ...

Ahsan said...


Why thank you.


Yes, Wiki and google are bloody brilliant. The other day I discovered, through Wiki and google of course, that cracking your knuckles does NOT lead to arthritis, and the claim that it does is merely an old wives' tale. As I happily cracked by knuckles in celebration, I thought how great it is that a knuckle cracker like myself can discover these things in this day and age, whereas knuckle crackers in years gone by would have been deprived the pleasure of knuckle cracking (or at least led to believe that it would be damaging to their health). I know this is slightly off-topic, but the point remains that google and Wiki are the greatest things ever (after knuckle cracking that is).


Yes, this weekend I think I will finally go and buy the DVD set of "Extras".


Well, next time you'll be quicker on the draw, won't you?

bubs said...

This is directed to all the five rupees contributers. When you guys write a post, do you have any idea if it will get a lot of comments. Because I have to say I'm totally baffled.

Also, Ahsan, series two of Extras is awesome, particularly the David Bowie and Harry Potter episodes.

Ahsan said...


Hahaha yes, it is sometimes baffling. I never know which posts are going to get comments, but I almost always know which posts are NOT going to get comments.

1. Anything that is too Poli Sci-y.

2. "Links" posts, which are too all-over-the-place to get one unified discussion going.

3. Anything that is above 1000 words.

AKS said...

@ Bubs

Saying something really retarded usually gets response.

And the Bowie episode is awesome; especially the "pathetic little fat man" song.

zeyd said...

''Chubby little loser''