Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wow, Some People REALLY Don't Want Obama In The White House

Here's someone called Craig Smith, writing for something called WorldNetDaily:
Barack Obama will be our first hip-hop president. I can only imagine how the world will embrace the leader of the free world when he introduces other foreign leaders with, "give it up for my man Vladimir." Giving "props" for joining us in a treaty. Or the first lady Michelle talking about "my man" the "daddy of my babies" when referring to the president. That should go over well everywhere from 10 Downing Street right on down to the streets of the Middle East.

Here's a blogger talking about that failed non-plot against Barack Obama:
But perhaps the most sinister undertone is the hint of hopefulness among a certain element of the left wing that perhaps someone will succeed in assassinating Barack Obama.

Such a tragedy would serve as a confirmation of their firmly held beliefs that conservatives are evil, and could possibly trigger a backlash that would fill the anarchists among them with glee. At the same time, an Obama death would provide progressives with a martyred hero in place of what troubles many of them the most; deep-seated and well-placed fears that Barack Obama is precisely what his record suggests, a shallow, vain, and arrogant opportunist who has created impossible expectations with little possibility that he capable of coming close to meeting those impossibly inflated expectations.

In places liberals don't want to talk about, they'd rather have a martyr than a failure. That is the reason they pounce upon even the remotest possibility of Obama's untimely end with such fervor.

And last but almost certainly not least, here's Slate showing Michelle Obama getting the Faux Noise treatment:


bubs said...

WorldNetDaily is hilarious. For the past few days the main news story on their site asks, in all seriousness, "Is Barack Obama the anti-Christ?" It also has the distinction of being banned by the Supreme Court in Pakistan for publishing the Danish cartoons.

AKS said...

I hate/love worldnetdaily; it's like a more right-wing online version of Fox News. What is sad to note is that there are a large number of people who read, and agree with, turds like Jerome Corsi, Jo Farah and Ann Coulter.

On a some what similar note, there's an article in the Guardian that asks: "Are Americans prepares to vote a black man into the White House?" It's worth a read, I've added the link below.

AKS said...

I just couldn't resist checking out worldnetdaily today; I really am an idiot for doing so, because I now have a headache from all the bull shit that was there, particularly Joseph Farah's new article: Obama's global poverty program.

In the article he talks about the plan, which Obama rallied for in the senate. According to Chooth Farah this will redistribute "Trillions" of American tax dollars to foreign countries.

Why is Farah bringing this up now?

"I'm reminded of this forgotten plan by the "discovery" of Obama's youngest brother living in Kenya on $1 dollar a day."

"Barack has the means to help his brother... But Barack doesn't do that, for whatever reason."

He calls Barack a "phony" who doesn't really care for the poor and questions Barack's character. He wonders how any normal compassionate man can allow his own brother to starve; his conclusion is that Barack is a cold heartless son of a bitch.

I'm with Farah on this one. Barack 'Terrorist McScrooge' Hussain Obama's is such a Muslim elitist pig who uses fancy words. And his brother sounds to me to be just like those starving, good for nothing Somali people I've seen on T.V. How can I ever trust someone like him? He's just not like us; thank god we have John 'Average Joe' McCain.

Ahsan said...

Every time I try to log on, it says "Site is restricted". Is the ban that Bubs talked about still in effect? If yes, how can you (AKS) log on? If not, why the hell can't I?

AKS said...

I'm not having any problems logging in. Maybe it's because you're on PTCL? Maxcom rocks!

bubs said...

Ahsan: The ban is still in place. I use Maxcom and I still can't access it. The best way to bypass blocks is by using a proxy server. works pretty well.

AKS: The column you mentioned isn't even the most ridiculous one of the day. I think the honour belongs to Jack Cashill.

Here's what he has to say:

A few weeks back, I wrote a column titled, "Who Wrote 'Dreams From My Father'?" My research led me to the conclusion that a literary neophyte like Obama could not have written the memoir on his own. It was simply too well crafted.

Cashill then identifies the name of the person who wrote the book. The suspiciously Muslim named Khalid al-Mansour.

Not yet clear is who exactly this Khalid al-Mansour is. There are at least two candidates, one more troubling than the other. The first is a Muslim crackpot preacher who has not met the paranoid racial fantasy unworthy of his energy.

The second, more likely, is a Dr. Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour, described as "an internationally acknowledged adviser to heads of state and business leaders in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and North America."

Apparently, al-Mansour serves on the Board of, among others, Saudi African Bank and was responsible for the Africa investment activities of Kingdom Holdings, Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal's investment company.

Among the other stories on Worldnetdaily today, you get

Illegals shock, suffocate, slit throats in US.

Pelosi's abortion theology mangles Christian teaching.

Finally, someone says: No new mosques!

changinguppakistan said...

Oh you have got to be joking - the "next hip hop president"? Does this dude think Obama will bust out into "bama time" during presidential speeches? Maybe he'll win world peace through bling.

The Republicans are really pissing me off this election, more so than usual. Granted, I live in DC, where Obama tshirts outsell Mccain ones 5:1, but you have to listen to all the wannabe pundits talk your ear off wherever you go.

yum said...

i want ann coulter to be my babymama. that shit is smokin hot. props

Ahsan said...


Those headlines were beautiful. I'm surprised I had never heard of this website before. But better late than never, yes?


I CANNOT imagine living in DC right now. Must be truly hell.


Ann Coulter is an anorexic and severely facially challenged woman. She also happens to be evil incarnate. I don't know what all this says about you.

yum said...

mmmmm coulter

naqiya said...

hahaha! dude worldnetdaily is amazing!!

please watch this video:

naqiya said...

this was on the daily show last night. thought it might help counter some of the worldnetdaily negativity: