Saturday, August 16, 2008

Zulfiqar Bhutto Jr. Can So Kick Bilawal (Bhutto) Zardari's Ass

I'll let the photographs do the talking.

Bilawal (Bhutto) Zardari, 19.

Zulfiqar Bhutto Jr., 18.

Then again I wouldn't trust Bilawal fighting fair; he'd probably get some policemen to do the dirty work for him!

(Photo credit The Times via


NB said...

hahah upon reading this post, my dad said "AKS is likely to be chicken salad if he doesnt watch out"

But then again, little does he know youve gotten away with much worse.

Anonymous said...

He will be as evil and corrupt as his parents !!!!!!!!

Trust me on that.

sana said...

hahaha :p

Anonymous said...

Bilawal lives the thug life in Doobie Town. Anyone know where he purchased those eyebrows? They got to be glued on. BBZ is the biggest pimp south of Karachi. ZABJR ain't got nuttin on him. YA HEAR?? Ok ok...Bilawal is a pussy, but you know Bakhtawar can tackle any one of these guys and make them her bitch. I heard she trying out for the Bears this season.

Anonymous said...

Awesome title!

One thing about Zulfiqar Jr. is that he can "connect" with the people of Pakistan! He lives here, he goes to school here, he is 100% Pakistani!

You must have seen on BBs funeral, how uncomfortable Bilawal was with the "commoners", while Zulfiqar Jr. had that thing ..... the thing which ZAB had ... when he was with the people, he was one of them... nothing fake about it!

And that's something Bilawal, even after changing his name, won't be able to do in a 100 years!!