Friday, September 19, 2008

Blog Recommendations

Alright, with the U.S. election just over six weeks away, I thought I'd share with you guys some of the stuff I read to stay up with what's going on in that world.

For polling and statistical analysis, go to Real Clear Politics and Five Thirty Eight. Remember, the national polls mean almost nothing now; from here on in, it's all about electoral college counts and state-by-state numbers in the battleground states. Five Thirty Eight has cooler information, graphs and charts but it's also more cluttered because everything is on the main page. Real Clear is more sedate; the webpage to keep bookmarked is their battleground state polling page - some really good data there, and very easy to read and play around with.

For some really hard-hitting commentary, go to Salon's Glenn Greenwald. He's not a great writer, but if you want to cut through the bullshit, propaganda, and establishment-narratives, his blog is the place to go.

For well reasoned, well written, and well researched stuff, go to Obsidian Wings. Really good blog, and the comments can be very interesting and insightful too.

I continue to read Andrew Sullivan every day. He can be over the top at times, and I don't agree with him more than half the time, but he's very intellectually honest. His blog is also the best place to go for random links, interesting stories, and different points of view aired in the same space. It's very comprehensive that way.

The best place for updated news on politics is the NYT's The Caucus. It's basically the equivalent of a news tracker, except with entire stories rather than one-line summations.

I read Dan Drezner mostly for links on random academia- and IR-related stuff, but he also sometimes has interesting stuff on U.S. politics. A warning: he's a conservative Republican, and his commenters reflect that.

I'm going to be travelling on the weekend, so I won't be be blogging until the beginning of next week.


tanh1980 said...

perspctv.comis pretty cool as a general aggregator of stories, tweets and blogs.

goc said...

I guess Pakistani's are not the only one susceptible to conspiracy theories huh?