Saturday, September 13, 2008

Delusion-Of-Grandeur Of The Day


Mr. Najam Mohsin h/o Jugnoo said...


Obama reads the Daily Times.


AKS said...

God! I want to slap Mr. K Chaudhry.

By the way, if you scroll down on the same site, there's a letter titled: "Standard of research papers." The author of this letter is from Republic of Ireland, his name "HASAN MUSTUFA CELTIC."

It's heartening to know that Pakistanis are working hard in the New World, I'm sure it's not been easy. As many of you will know, the CELTS hail mostly from Dadu in Interior Sindh (read as County Cork as per Nidhubghain-uck); this is a rather impoverished part of Pakistan.

The success of a Celtic tribesman in foreign Ireland is a source of inspiration for us all.

yaseen ch said...

well,obama has promised much it will be interesting to see eht he does of these promises.