Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hillary Needs To Go After Palin

Alright, so this much is already clear: Sarah Palin can be an effective rabble-rouser, ignite the base, and attack Barack Obama mercilessly (and falsely, but that's not a surprise for a Republican). What she also presents is a dilemma for the Democrats, who have to tread carefully lest Obama be accused of running a sexist campaign three months after being accused of running a sexist campaign (all the while trying to attract the Hillary PUMAs). Already a couple of bloggers are saying, in effect, that the Obama campaign in particular and the Democrats in general should simply pretend Sarah Palin does not exist, not criticize her in the least, and simply keep hammering away on John McCain.

I can see where they are coming from, but this a wrongheaded view. For one thing, this campaign, in the short term at least, is now about Sarah Palin. Ignoring her will simply make the Democrats look weak, and play into the GOP smear of Democrats being effete latte-drinking-Volvo-driving-European-vacation-taking pussies. For another, Sarah Palin is in many ways a more inviting target than McCain, because there's so much to go after her with: flip-flopping on the bridge to nowhere, her support for Creatonism, firing people - including librarians - for political reasons, her complete naivete and lack of knowledge on foreign policy, her position that abortions should be illegal even in the case of incest or rape, and so on. The point is, the Democrats can not let any of this slide. Palin is a terrible candidate for veep, and should be described as such.

All that said, neither Obama nor Biden can do this. They will be accused of elitism, sexism, and godknowswhatelse-ism. But you know who can do this?

Think about it. No one - at least none of the middle class white women that are so important in this election - is going to accuse Clinton of sexism. And Lord knows Clinton is brilliant in the attack-dog role. She can positively destroy Palin given the latter's ample vulnerabilities.

So go at it, Hill. This is the precise moment where you can show your true worth as a Democrat. You said you'd "work your heart out" for Obama. Show us.

UPDATE: Honestly, my brilliance is wasted on you guys. I really should be making money off of this. From a story titled "Obama Camp Turns to Clinton to Counter Palin" in the NYT today:
Senator Barack Obama will increasingly lean on prominent Democratic women to undercut Gov. Sarah Palin and Senator John McCain, dispatching Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to Florida on Monday and bolstering his plan to deploy female surrogates to battleground states, Obama advisers said Thursday.

Mrs. Clinton’s campaign event in Florida, her first for Mr. Obama since the Democratic convention, will serve as a counterpoint to the searing attacks and fresh burst of energy that Ms. Palin injected into the race with her convention speech on Wednesday, Obama aides said.


Anonymous said...

Palin sounds like she's running for the vice president of the PTA, not the US.

There are so many more qualified women Mccain couldve chose, like Carly Fiorna, who used to be CEO of HP.

I think we've come to a point where gender doesn't matter in politics. Anyone who's worked outside of a car repair shop knows that women are as intellectually capable as men. Judge e'm by the same litmus test.

The whole gender card is BS. Hillary used it, now the Republicans are. Really annoys me. Sarah Palin is a Painintheass.

Anonymous said...

My kooky theory is that Clinton won't go after Palin because she wants to secure the nomination for 2012.

Ahsan said...


Excuse me? Why are you so anti-car repair shop? Have you no shame? No decency?


Hahaha maybe. But if Obama and the Democratic establishment asks her to do something, she damn well better do it.

changinguppakistan said...

A fabulous op-ed by Gloria Steinem in the LA Times yesterday:,0,1290251.story

My favorite part: "Feminism has never been about getting a job for one woman. It's about making life more fair for women everywhere. It's not about a piece of the existing pie; there are too many of us for that. It's about baking a new pie."

Thank God Hillary Clinton is going to finally comment on Pallin's platform - that's real talk, not politically correct rhetoric that would inevitably come out of the Obama camp.

changinguppakistan said...

I re-read this comment and think I may sound a bit femi-nazi. I apologize but must note that Sarah Pallin makes my blood boil. I cannot wait for Biden to destroy her in the debates. And for Clinton to go after her. Finally.

Ahsan said...


You don't sound femi-nazi in the slightest. And thanks for the link.

I do find it curious, and ironic, that a Gloriafied feminist such as Steinem would use a kitchen-and-baking metaphor as a call to arms. Hahahahhahahaha.

changinguppakistan said...

Did you mean to say "Gloriafied" instead of "glorified"? Nice!

Ahsan said...

Yes, that was quite deliberate. I'm very clever that way.

Ahsan said...

I also came up with "Hamid Cryzai" after that infamous episode where in between sobs he blamed Pakistan for all of Afghanistan's problems. Unfortunately, it never caught on.

changinguppakistan said...

Well you put me to shame. I felt all witty after I compared Zardari to the Godfather. Or "By(e)-By(e) Sharif" after Nawaz wasn't allowed to run in the by-elections. Yours are much better. Cryzai - ha!

NB said...

My favorite (albiet more a matter of phonetics) is still Mustafa Kemals Sadistic Gorement.

Anonymous said...

I listened to Palin for about two minutes today...oh goodness, her voice is so annoying! I feel bad for the guy who married her. No wonder he runs away and goes "fishing."

I had to leave my home. Maybe after the election, I have to leave my country. I hope these two months go by quickly!