Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sack Dr Shahid Masood

Of all the appointments the new government has made, few have been more baffling than the elevation of the pro-PML-N Dr Shahid Masood to chairman of PTV. I am still not quite convinced, as many others are, that the above debacle was an act of deliberate sabotage by Masood. But it was definetely a goof that should cost him his job, especially considering the mess made with Prime Minister Gillani's maiden speech. The Nation reports on the mess-up:

Soon after the President’s decision to address the nation, the Information Ministry directed the PTV authorities to make arrangements for the speech. Once the PTV team reached the Presidency, it was decided that the President’s speech would be recorded rather than broadcast live and clear instructions were provided to the PTV Chairman and MD Dr Shahid Masood to organise recording equipment accordingly.
After approving the draft of the address, the President, as a part of the routine exercise, took a few minutes to rehearse the speech. The PTV cameras and recording systems were activated to monitor the rehearsal.
The President’s rehearsal was telecast live by the PTV and this live feed was picked by two other private networks. Dr Shahid Masood was present on the scene all through the episode.
“Dr Shahid Masood was clearly directed that the speech would be recorded and the President did not wish a live broadcast,” said a source at the Presidency. “The fact that despite strict instructions by the Presidency and the Information Ministry, PTV Chairman and MD organised live telecast and the state media even provided clean feed to two other channels demonstrated the length to which Dr Masood could go to damage the government?”

And while it would be unfair to laugh at Asif Zardari for this incident, the video makes for great entertainment.


AKS said...

Great catch.

Waisay, I can't really see how Zardari can afford NOT having him as the PTV chairman. I mean, The Surgeon has made a documentary in which he forecasts that we're very close to Judgment Day. The 'documentary' is titled The Hidden Truth: End of Time. (you can watch it on You Tube.)

Dr. Masood certainly loves scaring people by stealing graphics form low-budget Hollywood Movies. While watching it, I'm half expecting one of the Baldwins (not Alec) to jump out and save the day. Thankfully, we've got the good doctor.

Hira S. said...

Another speech consisting of melodramatic dialogue and no substance. Instead of going to the United States, he should take an oral communications course. It's embarrassing enough having Gillani make speeches internationally.

And correct me if I'm wrong, but was he asking western democratic forces to 'be pakistani'?

Majaz said...

Haha, had been searching for this.



I think he wants the democratic parties to be Pakistani.

This was worse than attending an All-Pakistan Declamation Contest in Risalpur and seeing the final round.


Ahsan said...

Am I the only one who thinks he's kind of stoned?

U2 said...

Dr. Shahid is still doing everything "Meray Mutabiq" This what happens when you choose incompetent people to do critical jobs.... Sorry for Dr Sahib but he should pack up and go back to the operation room... We are in a need of more doctors!

naa said...

I believe Dr Sahib was solely hired on the premise of keeping your friends close but your enemies closer. As AKS said Zardari cannot afford NOT having this guy as PTV chairman. If the price to be paid is for the President and PM to look like complete morons on TV for a few mins then that's a sacrifice they are willing to make.

Also for Shahid Masood it's not a bad gig considering his incompetence.

"Sherry Rehman told the house that Dr Shahid Masood was being paid Rs 850,000 as monthly salary, chauffer driven 1600 CC car with unlimited petrol for private and official use maintained by the corporation.

Daily allowance would be in line with MP-1, Shifting Allowance Rs 200,000 one time only, entertainment on actual basis, medical, bonus as paid to other staff every year, mobile phone without any limit, one residential land line phone with Rs 10,000 per month ceiling, one fax at residence, security guards at residence round the clock, one month basic salary as gratuity, 10 percent of the basic salary as provident fund, Rs 50,000 yearly increase. The contract period will be for five years and in case of early termination of contract, a notice of six months will be required from either side or gross salary in lieu thereof."

---The News Aug 28th.

Meriy Ghalti said...

I don't like Zardari. I kinda hate him. Still, when I figured out his rehearsal was broadcasted, I got really angry. Pakistan needed a reassuring voice. A voice of leaderhsip. Zardari provided that partially. The speech was mediocre. Still, it was made 100X worse because of Masood's error.

bubs said...

AKS: I've seen that documentary and its hilarious. The Baldwin would probably be Stephen (he's the one in The Usual Suspects who became an insane evangelical).

Hira: After a terrorist act of this magnitude, I have no problem as such with melodrama. That night was a time for sadness and sorrow. I do have a problem that the week after the attack, it seems like Zardari is still clueless about how to deal with terrorism.

U2. I wasn't aware that Meray Mutabiq is still on the air. I didn't think it was on Geo any longer. Has he shifted it to PTV?

farooqk said...

The pakistani government makes for great comedy, the people for great tragedy!

U2 said...

Yea Meray Mutabiq is no more on air but still it is a big part of Dr. Shahid's personality, thats why he do everything his way! Just being little sarcastic......

Hira S. said...

True. In this instance a little melodrama is unavoidable, but I'm beginning to believe that this is how Zardari is going to handle all his public addresses. His press conference after Benazir's assassination (yes i know, another day of grief and sorrow),apologies to the nation at not being able to control economic conditions, his maiden speech to the parliament, were on the same lines. This is probably his way of not having to tackle problems yet still seem extremely sincere.

Yet to be impartial; nobody knows how to handle terrorism. It's like milkweed. the more you try to get rid of it, the faster it grows. And Zardari never seemed to have the mental capacity to deal with it anyway.