Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Who's Going To Win The Australia-India Test Series?

A better question might be: who the hell cares? By the middle of next month, these two teams would have played sixteen tests over the last five years, in addition to a gluttonous number of ODIs. The series will, of course, be highly entertaining, especially when you consider Ponting still expects other teams to take Australians' words on catches/bump balls. Hahahahahaha. That Ricky - always was a joker. Anyway, even though India appear stronger on paper, I predict a drawn series. Let's see what happens.

As an aside, all this serves to remind me how much we've descended into sisters-of-the-poor territory. Nobody wants to play us, nobody wants to visit us, and nobody gives a crap about us. If you could anthromorphize Pakistani cricket, we'd be on the side of milk cartons and the subject of intensive police investigations, because we've simply vanished from the face of the earth. We've become the West Indies of the late 90s and early 00s: a once-great team that's simply irrelevant now; except (a) we have no one even close to the Prince, and (b) opposing teams still loved going to the Windies for the beaches and the weed.

We suck.

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asfand said...

Kenya want to visit us. If I was a member of the Kenyan cricket team, I'd be a bit worried about their own board!