Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Allen Sanford Pays $20 Billion To Get Laid

The antics of the Twenty20 Super Series backer, Sir Allen Stanford, during England's warm-up match against Middlesex on Sunday were the cause of concern, it was reported last night.

The Texan billionaire was pictured with the players' wives and girlfriends and images of Matt Prior's wife, Emily, sitting on his lap were greeted with shock by the players on the pitch after they were shown on the big screen. He was also pictured with Alastair Cook's girlfriend, Alice Hunt.

Stuart Broad, who was bowling, said: "When the pictures came up on the big screen there were a lot of gobsmacked people in our side. Matt Prior was in a state of shock, especially as his wife is pregnant."

I couldn't find pictures of Prior's wife, but cricket WAGS, especially from South Africa and England, are pretty smoking hot. But man he must be desperate if he has to hit on a pregnant woman.


tanh1980 said...

You'll be looking for these photos, I think.

I happened to see it live but didn't realize that they were players wives (I had the volume low cos I was at work). At first I thought it was Graham Gooch still living off the success of his 333.

One wonders if Stanford did it on purpose because he had a wager on.....

Anonymous said...


Ahsan said...

This might be a bit of a convoluted wish, but wouldn't it be great if the Pro Pakistan guy was an international cricketer, and had a fairly attractive wife, and he found while fielding at deep cover that she was sitting in Stanford's lap?

Ahsan said...

"A little bit of disquiet". Man, I love British understatement.