Monday, October 27, 2008

I Don't THINK This Passage Is Meant To Be Ironic

But I can't be sure. From a report on American tactics in Pakistan in the NYT:
Pentagon officials have publicly praised the Pakistan Army’s aggressive campaign against militants in the Bajaur tribal agency. But privately, some American officials are wincing at a full-scale military operation that is taking a heavy toll on civilians as well as insurgents, and has not diminished the cross-border attacks.

“They don’t have a concept of counterinsurgency operations,” one senior American officer said of the Pakistanis. “It’s generally a heavy punch and then they leave.”

Does the "senior American officer" realize how ridiculous (s)he sounds?


changinguppakistan said...

That's like the pot calling the kettle black.

Ahsan said...

Actually, it's more like the stove that made the kettle black calling the kettle black.

changinguppakistan said...

Ah, good one.

John McPalin said...

The truth is no one knows what the fuck to do. Hope you have a flat in Dubai ready to flee to.

Ahsan said...

John McPalin:

Unfortunately, I do not. Plus, if I wanted a dream flat somewhere to flee to, it would be in Seychelles or Jamaica or something.