Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Links For Monday

Stuff to read:

Please watch this video of Sarah Silverman exhorting young Jews to convince their grandparents in Florida to vote for Obama. She suggests cutting off visits to them as ransom.

Speaking of Jews, here's an article on a "kosher" cell-phone that, well, I'll let BBC describe it (courtesy Wasay):
The kosher cellphone looks like an ordinary cellphone, can make and receive calls, and may have a calculator and alarm clock.

But it cannot send or receive text messages, browse the internet or take photos - all activities that could potentially involve behaviour considered "immodest" among Haredis.

For example, SMS capability could lead to the unwitting receipt of mass text messages publicising secular events. It could also be used as a method of illicit communication between male and female teenagers.

And all photos of women are forbidden, as is accessing websites with content deemed inappropriate.

Sometimes I think people like Imran Khan would be happiest living with Ultra Orthodox Jews.

Speaking of people like Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharif is trying to negotiate peace between the Taliban and the Karzai regime. Well, better for us he stays out of our affairs and fucks up Afghanistan's, yes?

Here's a couple of Sarah Palin links. The first (courtesy Adeel) is a pretty scathing column in the Guardian which has the matter-of-fact line of the week: "Palin is a never-ending train wreck of ignorance, inconsistency, outright contradiction and sneering." The second (courtesy Lindsey) is a pretty funny piece in the New Yorker.

One of the Obsidian Wings guys wonders at what point the hateful demonization of Barack Obama by the McCain-Palin ticket and their subsidiaries morphs into actual incitement of violence. Considering Obama is the first viable black candidate for President in a country that still suffers from a fair degree of latent racism - not to mention quite a bit of overt racism too - combined with the constant "He's a Muslim!" rumors in an age where Muslims are largely deemed to be terrorists in the country in question, I'd say that line has been crossed. One of Andrew Sullivan's readers concurs.

Finally, a couple of links on Business School types. The first (courtesy Nikhil) is one of those "day in the life of" tidbits from students at Harvard Business School, and this one is from a woman from Islamabad. Here's the best bit:
My phone rings. It's my mother from Pakistan who was thinking of me over breakfast. She reminds me as usual to eat healthy food, and we exchange good morning/good night wishes. I lay in bed reflecting on my journey from Pakistan to HBS. I feel blessed to be here and with that thought fall asleep.

Um, ok. The second B-School type link is this great column by Judith Warner, who can't conjure up the proper feelings of schadenfreude in response to this Wall Street crisis, mainly because we're all basically fucked along with them. This is the bottom line for me:
A couple of years ago, at the height of the boom, a friend in New York publishing described to me the indignities of being a five-figure employee commuting daily from suburban New Jersey on trains packed with traders, stock brokers and hedge-fund types.

“These were the guys who, in college, I used to step over on Sunday mornings when they were lying in a pool of their own vomit,” he said. “And now they’re earning millions and millions – in bonuses alone.”

This is the thing that has always pissed me off the most about bankers, hedge funders, private equity-ers and godknowswhatelse-ers: they're all dumber than I am. No, seriously. I know, because I went to high school and college with these idiots, and now they all make more in a year than I will make in 10 years at the peak of my career. Ok, so not ALL Wall Street-types are bad (I'm marrying one, so I guess she falls under the "not so bad" category) but in general, the point stands: these people are overpaid pricks who wouldn't know the answer to "How many World Wars were there in the 20th century" and do charity work only because it looks good on their resume.


Anonymous said...

ha! Not happy you didn't mention me as an exception either !

SAP Arbeiter said...

I guess I will never figure out what is it that you have against Imran. The fact that he is bothering people and especially you is almost damning evidence of him being more right than wrong. Personally, I feel he has something to offer and if can tolerate the cocophony that we do of political voices back home, his opinion and thinking should also be allowed the same level of tolerance.

By the way, Zardari's interview seemed less offensive and off-message in the transcript. How was he on TV. Did he hit on manly Greta as well?

Rabia said...

Imran Khan needs to decide where to draw the line with his right-wing sympathies and figure out whether he wants to end up as a spokesman for the JI or something else. I have a lot of respect for him as a person, though, I think he genuinely a good guy.

Ahsan said...


What I have against Imran is the following:

1. His right-wing views on social and political issues.

2. His mindless rhetoric on the war in the tribal areas.

3. His opportunistic anti-Musharraf, pro-judiciary, and anti-MQM stances, each of which he elaborated only when it became popular to do so.

4. The disjuncture between the electoral importance of Imran Khan as a politician (close to nil) and the importance given to him by the news media and the urban middle- and upper-class in Pakistan (close to God himself).


What's to decide?

Rabia said...

ok, what I meant by that was (and this might be out of date because I honestly haven't been following his political affiliations for a few months now) that when he was kidnapped by those IJT thugs at Punjab University, I thought it might be a turning point in terms of his association with JI.

Anyway, I agree with a lot of what you say about his political views and opportunism, but hey, I sold those raffle tickets for his cancer hospital when I was 8, give me a break.

hemlock said...

they're all dumber than I am. No, seriously...and now they all make more in a year than I will make in 10 years at the peak of my career.

yeah. genius is usually not discovered until the grandchildren are old enough to benefit from royalty fees.
and the dumb ones drive bmws today. life's so unfair ;)

Tazeen said...

Come on, Jews are much smarter than we are, they may come up with a Kosher phone but even they will not tolerate a moron like Imran Khan.

Anonymous said...

Perfect representation of the thing I can't stand most about people who constantly complain about how unfair it is that people significantly stupider than them are making so much more money by working on Wall Street.

Hey, if you're so fucking smart and you REALLY want to make money that much, what's stopping you from popping right in and just fucking doing it?

If however, you decide that you don't want to make the sacrifices to do so, be it the hours, the tedium or whatever, then please shut the fuck up.