Wednesday, October 01, 2008

McCain: Apocalypse Now

Over the past couple of months, John McCain has tried every conceivable method of throwing this election, from choosing his VPILF to suspending his campaign. If, as it seems, he doesn't want to be president, I would suggest he take this bit of advice from Bill Kristol:

McCain should lead—by re-suspending his campaign (fine, let observers mock him when he announces this), and leading his party and the Congress towards a solution.

Yeah, because that worked so well the first time around. I'm seriously beginning to think Kristol is a Democratic plant; kind of like how the Others penetrated the Losties with Ethan.

And anyone who still thinks Palin will be a net positive to the McCain campaign should check her out struggling to name a single newspaper or magazine she has ever read.


Farooq said...

Any "Lost" reference elevates a post. Much appreciated. I wish Ahsan would use "Lost" analogies to get his point across.

bubs said...

Somehow I think Lost isn't intellectually elevated enough for Ahsan to use as a reference point.
Also, I have vague plans for doing some season five Lost blogging from February. This would be a good place to find out if there are a lot of Lost fans around here.