Monday, October 27, 2008

Never Hire a Woman as Anything

Comfortably ensconced in the liberal cocoon of Rs. 5, sometimes I forget that the rest of the Pakistani blogosphere is far more representative of the country. Take the fine patriot over at Pro Pakistan, who, upon finding out that the Rangers had started inducting women, decided to register his protest in a fit of writing that almost made me regret ever having been taught to read.

He begins with a typical passive-agressive approach:

I am sure after this blog, i might be labelled as sexist and biased...

Not to mention being labelled as, in the words of Minnesota's next senator, a lying liar.

In his day's travels, the author first comes upon a male traffic policeman, who was doing his job competently, an observation that immediately damns him as untruthful. Coincidentally, he happens to then encounter two policewomen, who instead of directing traffic, were...well, I'll let him take up the story:

two ladies standing in traffic police uniforms on the side of the road caught my eyes. As usual they were very busy discussing some new trends in the market or the bad behaviour of the male gender with them. Since i was a bit angry, i waived to them to stand at the road and perform their duties instead of being too “sharmeeli” and standing on the side of the road letting the mother nature drive the system.

I have just one question to ask this sexist liar. How, in his car, was he able to hear what thet se two women cops were discussing? Maybe he was on a motorbike, but surely a law-abiding male would not break the law and drive without a helmet.

It seems Mr Pro Pakistani has as much of a problem with airborne women.

As far as flying air-crafts is concerned, i have to risk my tax paid money on them...

I guess it would be okay if women were allowed to fly non-government airplanes.

After lashing out against reserved seats for women in parliament and womens-only colleges (!), he explains why this discrimination against men is taking place. If you guessed that the Jews made us to do it, you are close, but not quite there.

The above steps taken by our enlightened ex President were surely to prove his credential to the Americans as a moderate person

I should mention, however, that Pro Pakistani dosen't go quite as far as one of the bloggers right here. Maybe we're not that liberal after all.


naqiya said...

poor aks, so misunderstood

Ahsan said...

Man, that post on Pro Pakistan was beautiful. I don't think you did justice to it, Bubs.

bubs said...

Ahsan: Yeah, I did it in a bit of a hurry. I have at least 10 other Pakistani blog posts bookmarked, which I eventually want to comment on. Maybe I should do a weekly blog roundup.

M Junaid Khan said...

I must appreciate bubs of Five Rupees blogs for giving such an importance to my above blog posting that he felt compelled to write another blog to comment on it.
Anyways, i wish he had written something quantitative to prove my arguments wrong instead of making personal comments. Anyways, speaks volumes of what people learn in the clown of liberalism.
Lastly, i am still looking for a more civilized argument from his side.

M Junaid Khan said...

The above entry is copied from Pro-Pakistan for your reference!

Ahsan said...

Is this guy serious?

bubs said...


I find it somewhat ironic that you are asking me to provide quantitative data when your entire argument rests on one somewhat dubious anecdote.

changinguppakistan said...

Hahahaha...I'm sorry I found the Pro-Pakistan post so ridiculous that I laughed out loud. Is this guy for real?

I love when men are so insecure about their shortcomings that they feel the need to lash out at women. Give me a break.

Tazeen said...

as if that revolting blog was not enough, Mr Pro Pakistan had to grace five rupees with his presence as well.