Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Quetta Quake: Donations

Just to follow on from some of the comments in Ahsan’s post, below are links to charities that are involved in delivering aid and humanitarian relief to the victims of the earthquake in Quetta/Ziarat. I've listed a few so that readers may contact whomsoever is closest or most familiar to them. The organizations are listed in no particular order.


Muslim Aid,
is a UK-based international relief organization that has already reached the earthquake affected areas of Baluchistan and have launched their relief operations. As of the 30th of October, their Field Office has despatched 100 tents, 300 blankets and 100,000 water purifying tablets.


1. Rizwan Beg, Programme Manager Emergency & Healthcare - Pakistan
Cell: 0334-5149904

2. Mujeeb Akhtar, Manager Pakistan Desk, UK
Tel: 0044 - 2073774200-12


The Zakat Foundation (based in Illinois) has set up a field office in Quetta, and has established a tent village at Kech/Turbat to distribute food, blankets and warm clothes. They are also soliciting donations to purchase emergency winter food packages for families, at the following costs.

Package Items------------------Quantity------------Unit Cost
Flour--------------------------------10 kg---------------$10.00
Rice----------------------------------5 kg----------------$8.00
Cooking Oil/Ghee-----------------1 litre----------------$2.00
Sugar--------------------------------2 kg----------------$1.00
Chana-------------------------------2 kg----------------$1.50
Tea-------------------------------0.5 kg----------------------
TOTAL FOOD PACKAGE -------------------------------$25.00 (Approx £15)

The Zakat Foundation's contact point is as follows:

Khalil Demir
Zakat Foundation Executive Director
Tax ID #: 36-4476244
Toll Free: 1.866.499.6151



The Edhi Foundation, as always, has a presence and is active on site.
Edhi's contact in Quetta is:

Mr Islamul Haq Pirzada
Mobile: 0092 344 82 82 602
Office: 0092 81 26 72 401

It may be better to contact your local branch. The link above contains contact details for the scores of Edhi's offices across Pakistan, as well as the US (New York), UK (London) and Canada.


Islamic Relief is accepting donations for the quake.


Institute for Development Studies and Practices (IDSP)is also active.
(For those of you looking to donate, the information on the Quetta Quake is on the right hand side, under 'Announcements')

IDSP has appealled for tents, blankets, medicine, food, water & other essentials.

Contact Person: Ghulam Rabani (Mobile 0343-8000181)

Or you can contact their office:
Dr. Quratulain Bakhteari
Ph#. 92-81-2471776, 2470243
Fax#. 92-81-2447285


According to Reuters:
Chief district administrator Dilawar Khan said 170 people had been killed in that district and 350 injured.

"The rescue operation is over. We've retrieved all bodies and the injured. Now the problem is relief as there's a shortage of tents, blankets and food while the weather is getting cold," Khan told Reuters.
For those of you who would like to know what is being done, this video from ARY offers fairly comprehensive coverage and footage of the quake, as well as the local and federal response to it. I have also posted some photographs of the situation below.

Photo Credit AP(Arshad Butt)/AFP/ Dawn (Aamir Qureshi)


Ahsan said...

"The rescue operation is over"? I don't understand this. Usually after earthquakes, the rescue operation goes on for days. Is the reason for it being over (and the RELATIVELY low number of deaths given the strength of the earthquake) the fact that it is a sparsely populated area?

NB said...

Im guessing the rescue operation is over in some central areas, but that it is continuing over the villages and outlying areas. That is what seems to be the case from what other reports are saying, i.e. that some places havent been reached yet, and so most of the focus is on Quetta and Ziarat.

AKS said...

The same sentiment was echoed by another official being interviewed on TV who stated that there was very little chance of finding any more survivors as everyone who could have been rescued had been rescued.

Even though the area is one of the more populated regions of Baluchistan, it would still be categorised as being sparsely populated.

From the pictures that I've seen, most of the buildings in the area were very basic one-storey structures, which means that there's little debris for the rescuers to dig through.

This is in sharp contrast to Muzaffarabad, a large urban center, which was leveled by the 2005 earthquake.

Another thing that made the 2005 earthquake so much worse was that it hit areas that were extremely difficult to reach. The areas in and around Ziarat are not as difficult to reach and one hopes that rescuers / relief workers are able to reach these areas over the next few days.

karachi khatmal said...

you can also go to the local red crescent and pay them to buy supplies from their parent group.

Ahsan said...

TEA?!?!? I'll pay for everything else, but I'm not paying for people's tea. It really is crack cocaine to most Pakistanis. I love that the Zakat foundation has included it on its list for "essential" items.

NB said...

Hahah yaar tea is pretty basic. A little extra for some comfort. That way why not knock off the sugar, and the salt, and just feed them potatoes?

Sarah said...

stop being such an insensitive jerk ahsan...u can sit in ur stupid comfortable house n b choosy about ur donations...those poor ppl are freezing out there in the cold...mayb that tea cud save sum1 from freezing 2 death!

AKS said...

Yeah Ahsan, God, why do you always have to be such an ass. I bet you snuggle up in your nice fancy high-class room n relish the sight of people in misery. You make me sick.

Is it because you like being unconventional? Or are you in fact Satan?

NB said...

Satans a bit extreme. Though denying chai to quake survivors is pretty scroogish. I have to say.

AKS said...

Scrooge McButt!

NB said...

Dude. Ahsan is now officially Scrooge McButt. God bless you AKS.