Thursday, October 09, 2008

"Why Are We Electing An A-Rab When We're At War With I-Rack And I-Ran?"

It's a legitimate question, in my view:

Don't these people remind you of these people?


NB said...

I like how Hillary was her 1st choice. Does that make her a Democrat?

naqiya said...

where do you find these things ahsan? the hilary thing was the weirdest part of the whole thing for me too. i mean drunk rednecks hating on obama is expected, but being pro-hilary took me by surprise. abbas keeps telling me that most of the mid-western redneck types he has come in contact with over the years identified as democrats... i was pretty skeptical but i guess hes right?

Ahsan said...

Well, I think they're a couple of possibilities:

1. She's not a registered Democrat but is from one of the states which allowed independents to vote in the primaries, and decided to vote for Hillary because even though, as she says, she doesn't have a problem with niggers, she DOES have a problem with A-Rabs.

2. She's a registered Democrat, and happens to be racist, which is entirely possible. Indeed, racist Democrats are easily the most conflicted people in the electorate right now, and she sounded pretty conflicted to me.

Anyway, this mini-speech by Donna Brazile wasn't a response to this dipshit hick, but it may as well have been: