Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Zardari's Fox News Interview

I'd been meaning to write a post on Asif Zardari's interview with Greta Van Susteren for a while, but professional obligations got in the way. I would urge everyone to read the transcript, its simply that entertaining.

First, you have what is most likely a lie about the intended targets of the Marriott bombing.

All of us, all the parliament, the people, all of democracy was the target. We were all supposed to be there, because it was a speakers' dinner.

This is a statement that has been disputed by the owner of Marriott.

Then there's the unverifiable:

Ah, 20 years ago Usama bin-Laden paid $10 million for a no confidence move against our government. She came, went to the American embassy, called up the American President, and complained that why is an operator who's supposed to be an American destabilizing my government.

And Bush Sr. hadn't even heard of the name Usama bin Laden.

The confident repitition of an urban myth that is pretty throughly debunked by Snope:

But Oliver North had. He said in his defense that the reason he had spent so much on the security is because he was scared of Usama bin-Laden.

And finally, there are those statements which are so incomprehensible that I am going to rely on you guys to explain them to be. My theory is that everytime he is in the vicinity of a female who doesn't look like Margaret Thatcher, Zardari, like Michael Scott in The Office, tries really hard to display a sense of humour that he is unfortunate enough not to possess. This leads to the gibberish below.

On Sarah Palin:

I think she's a very interesting lady, and she has a new formula, which is the Alaskan formula which I've been trying to tell my people back home, where you can go with the consent of the people and get to the natural resources and make sure that they get a better life from it, and the country benefits from it.

So governing through consent, exploiting your natural resources and trying to make life better for your citizens was invented by Sarah Palin?

And then this classic on the constitution and gender:

So I've already, like I told you, we've made an acting woman president in the name of Benazir Bhutto already.

So I've changed the definition of man, which the constitution reads in a non-gender. It's a non-gender issue now. A woman can be the President of Pakistan.

So my daughter one day can look forward to becoming the President of Pakistan.

So Zardari is taking credit for the fact that a woman can be president when he admits that the constitution's reference to the president as "he" is meant to be gender-neutral. The constitution also refers to the Pakistani voter as "he" so I guess Zardari is responsible for female suffrage as well.

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